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Surrogacy brings more social problems than help

Our first few weeks of ethics classes were all about giving us the insights and the general understanding needed for judging ethical issues. After learning the tools needed to make judgments which include collecting as many facts as possible and looking the issue in different aspects, we were ready to analyses big ethical issues that are faced by the globe currently. This class was very intriguing and what made it more interesting than other classes was that, there are opposing views on modern day issues like surrogacy. We discussed many contemporary ethical issues during the two hour session of week seven lecture, but I have chosen the surrogacy which appealed to me more than other topics. Though many people support surrogacy, it is my claim that surrogacy should not be allowed and the arguments for supporting this are insufficient.

The advocates of surrogate motherhood claim that it is good option for the couples that are desperate to have children and it also a good source of many poor women. Many people that surrogacy will reduce the plight of couples who could not have their own children. This is good point and it can be accepted to some extent, however the truth is that though it will help those parents it will create misery to the surrogate mothers. This is because many of them develop parental love during the pregnancy, hence they suffer later to give the child to the couples who wanted the child. Therefore, the important point to be considered in this situation is that the decision of surrogacy should not harm both sides, but in this context it does harm and it means taking the misery from one side and transferring to the other side. Besides, they also argue surrogacy creates employment for poor women. It is absolutely true; however, the surrogate mothers are doing this because they have no other option. This solves they short term of economic problem, but leads to puts them in a vicious cycle of poverty, which means once they give birth they lost the chance of finding someone to marry since most man are finding women who did not give birth. Consequently, they find difficult to find someone to marry and the only choice left for them is to find people who are looking for surrogate mothers.

In my view, the problems created from surrogacy are more than its benefits, so there is no reason which we can allow an issue which won’t bring more benefit. The biggest problem created from this is, the foster mothers develop passion for the child during the pregnancy. This is natural and they cannot afford to control, hence they refuse to give the baby which leads to legal problems and stress to the both sides. Secondly, it is against the nature or in other words it seems as if humans are going against the God. He is the one who created them and he has the ability to give children to whomever he wishes. If I stand this point with respect of my religion, ALLAH, the almighty mentioned in Quran that he gives females babies, male babies, both males and females or no babies at all. He is the only one who decides this and no one else can do, therefore it seems to me unethical to give someone what Allah doesn’t. I would recommend that science should stop such things otherwise they will lead to the world to irreversible social problems. Thirdly, people who are capable of affording hire surrogate mothers are rich, so it is unfair for a poor infertile couple who also wants to have children. Lastly, many of the surrogate mothers are exploited by lawyers and the rich couples who wants to have the babies. Surrogate mothers don’t always get the amount of money which both sides agreed and they are deceived when they carry the baby. Furthermore, lawyers are making more money than the poor women who wants to earn an income through surrogacy.

In summary, despite being the best solution for infertile couples, surrogacy brings more social problems than help. Therefore, it is my recommendation that it should not be permitted in any means. I am not ignoring the suffering of people who are not able to have their own children, but I rather I would advise to them to choose adoption over surrogacy.

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