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Same Sex Marriage, Animal rights, Internet Privacy, Death Penalty and Insider Trading

This week lesson is the continuation of last week with topic of contemporary ethical issues. This week lecture covered total of five issues which included insider trading, death penalty, animal right, same sex marriage, and internet privacy. First, let me shortly discuss on same sex marriage. It is also called as gay marriage or equal marriage. Gay is the emotional relationship between two male meanwhile lesbian is concerned on two female. These relationships between males and females like this has occurred popularly in the world now and those people even want to live with each other forever which we generally called as marriage. I believe that same sex marriage appears in almost countries and those are considered as gay or lesbian also struggle for their rights of living. Since I follow Islam, my respective religion and it shows even strongly in my belief that it should not be accepted for same sex marriage. Yes, if human beings are born and their destinies as such gay or lesbian then that is no idea for us to argue with that. However, there are lots of people who follow the world trends and do surgery to change their gender. For those people I really neglect and I just want to advice everyone that we should highly appreciate and respect what God has created and granted us.

Animal right is the next sub-topic that I want to cover in my reflective diary. People nowadays consume most of meat from animals such as chicken, duck, egg, cow, and so on. Is that hurt and attack animal right? I do not think so. In my opinion, any animal species need to be care that no one hurts or attacks them dangerously. In order to protect animal right what people can do is to establish reservation, national park, natural ecology and ban those action that damage to animals. 10th of November annually is the day of animal right.

Meanwhile internet privacy is also a popular topic that people around the world care a lot. As internet bring people from many countries closer to each other means that people get to know about each other more easily, interconnect through internet applications such as facebook, twitter, skype, e-mail, or advertisement and so on. In this scenario, the most needed is privacy on the internet. Many people become hacker to steal information from the others, everything is showed out through internet like such kind of deprived pictures which almost girls are innocent victim of hackers. Moreover, every internet user should be respected from others since we have human rights, the right that no one can hurt us by anyway but not only in the internet perspective. I highly appreciate and respect others and support privacy on the internet.

Death penalty is somehow related to crimes. Death penalty or also called as capital punishment is when a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. In my country crimes are sentenced by shooting or staying in jail until last breath depending on level of crime.

One more last thing which I want to discuss here is insider trading. This is an investment decision based on information that is not available to the general public. Means that, someone is working for a company but also has a desire to set up or participate in another company. That person therefore takes the important sources of information of the present company and reveal to his/her outside business. This is considered seriously in ethical perspectives because it affects greatly to the company which people worked first. I think this issue happens a lot in many countries but not any unit one. Economic is in development, people tend to have more money by anything that they can do even without caring or respecting other just for their own profit and their life. Among five issues I talked today, insider trading is the one I oppose mots and it needed to be strictly regulated or have a deserved punishment to those for take part in this problem.

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