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Religious Conflicts

This week`s topic was one of the groundbreaking and most recent issues of the XXI century- the religious conflicts. In the last two decades the pace of religious, political conflicts increased and became visible in the eyes of the world. The negative impacts of the terrorism and conflicts are extremely huge and it is one of the major causes of the destruction of the millions of homes and death of innocent people. Prior to this time millions of people died due to terrorism solely. In west, the terrorism is imagined through the Islam, but in reality it is not. The terrorists are the type of people who have been using the religion as their tool in a way of reaching their aims.  It is miserable and cruel.

And in turn, the political benefits are closely connected with terrorism. I will explain in a simple way. The governments of some countries, especially developed countries want to benefit from other countries by taking out their resources, oil, gold and etc. The main purpose of the USA to enter the Iraq was not to rescue the population and country from the terrorists and the president, but they have probably aimed to domain the country and get the oil for lower prices.  It is just one example, not only US, but other countries also do the same thing like what the US is doing. They are Great Britain, France, Canada, and some other countries.

It is possible that they have created the concept of terrorism themselves to regulate the world. It is true that the operations are done in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan mainly, but it does not mean that people who are regulating them are from there and benefiting those countries. The political conflicts also occur because of the interests and benefits of some countries. The conflicts already happened in Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, happening in Syria, Palestine and Israel and etc. are totally regulated by mainstreams of higher authorities.  The formula is really simple, they make a protest by the help of the population and after they collapse the recent government they put the person who they believe and can work with them in collaboration.

On the other hand, it is also true that the conflicts, protests happen because of the people themselves. They easily gather when they come up against issues and can protest against the government. Everything starts from simple and small things, and may turn to big, consequently catastrophical issues. As a result, people may die. Someone loses mother someone father, sister or brother. It is really pity. In many cases religious people also who want to make the country to be religious also cause the conflicts, wars to happen.

To say in one, as far as I am concerned the conflicts in the world never end. It has been occurring throughout the ages, centuries since the emergence of human beings, it is getting worse and worse ,notdecreasing at all despite having the organizations which protects human rights and against the wars like UN, and etc.

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