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Reflective Diary week 4- Is the ethic in D, C & S or in IR by Moctar Diaby from Mali

It has become as continues routine to see people talking about many things which do not exist, and some also may exist but completely in different way. Which mean a person will not be able to match the actions to what have been claimed to be followed. Here I am going to look at some thought and perceptions that have been promoted and accepted as helpful ethical strategies. However, I think they are all not that ethical or even beneficial except for some categories of people. I would like to call most of these as theories so far, since they are not being implemented in the right way and it is not able to be so.

First, I am going to start by a rumor is called Democracy, I guess everyone knows that democracy is defined as a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. They also claim that democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. To here, can anyone point out to any country that is applying this definition? Unfortunately, there will be no one can do so. USA is the first country will be pointed at when the ward democracy is said, do you know why? Because they wanted that, and they could do it, simply democracy is not being applied even in the place where it was originated. Can we see citizens being dealt fairly there? I will answer it and say no. one of the highest racism countries, it stands against you rights once you are not Christian or as they want. The main reason all these things are being done is because their democracy is not demarcated in itself.

Second, Socialism is one of the development theories that we also know what it is all about in general. The main concept is what they call it as sharing, where a person is not allowed to own whatever is wished. And the sensitive part is when it comes to income where most of them will be getting the same even though some might have higher education and etc. of course that leads to insincerity in work   since the one who deserve and does not deserve are same. Can anyone say a country that is using socialism and it is working so effectively? I really believe there is no so. The reason that this systematical theory is not working as planned is that socialism needs to be socialized in itself. That mean it the theory goes against the human nature and culture, where everyone should be rewarded for what s\he has done.

Lastly, Capitalism is another one of the development theories that we also know about it as freedom in many things. In capitalism a person can own as much as possible with no caring about who could be affected. There will be free market and all the money you get goes inside your basket.  Poor people will always be poor and rich people will never be poor. There is no much to say about capitalism because it is clear and everyone knows how it is. Again, can anyone point for to one country that is using capitalism and there are no employment problems or poverty in the small villages there? I do believe there will be no a luck for a country name to be said. So it means in capitalism only one category of people will be living and the other will be leaving to nowhere. The reason for it not being successful is that capitalism shouldn’t capitalize from other lives.

In conclusion, looking at these three examples we can really see the unethicality running through their tubes. There is no compression among them it is just looking at the ethical sides of these theories and concepts. When we look at Democracy the unethical parts comes in dealing unfairly with some category of people from the same place for a reason that they did not choose for themselves. In socialism, taking less than what you deserve, and surely working to earn not to benefit. In capitalism, if you are not born rich then you shell die poor. The best way of living apart from these three, where everyone is dealt equally and there is no different between white and black in the sin. Where there is fairness in dealing with your degree of knowledge and achievement without looking down at others. Where the rich people will take some of their kept money and give it to the poor so they can survive and be rich then help the poor again. Full living system if it is economically or socially, it is (I _ _ _ _ Rules (IR)) I will reserve my answer for the left four letters. Look for the other four letter that can fit then go searching to see the solution for the three examples I have given.

Whoever has a comment or disagreement is welcome

Written by

Moctar Diaby

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