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Reflective diary (week 3) – by Noorharisah

In the lecture of seminar of current affairs this week, I was learned a lot of things that helped me to enhance my knowledge about the current issues in this world. I am not really interested to read all the news and I think current issues are not very important at all. But, since I joined this class, my thought was deliberately changed week by week. Now, I realized that current issues are very important to us to know about the world.In the lecture, there was new topic which is about conflict. I was learned all about conflict. Actually the word ‘conflict’ is come from Latin word ‘confligree’ which is means strike together. It is refers to overt and coercive behavior initiated by one contending party against another. In the other words, it also means struggle over values and claims to scarce status, power and resources in which the aims of the opponents are neutralize, injure, or eliminate their rival. Besides, I also know about the nature of conflict and the conflicts area. There are four conflict areas that I got from the last lecture. The first conflict area is parties in conflict. This conflict ranges from individual to nation and international organizations or group. They may be manipulated by a stronger and much wealthier party. Second conflict of area is issues in conflict. This conflict area is about the conflict situation that which parties hold incompatibility goals which motivate their behavior. Third area of conflict is environment of conflict which divided into two types. The first type is a structured environment which determines kinds of behaviors which are considered ill or legitimate conflict management is institutionalized. The second types is unstructured environment (example: revolution) gives room to zero-sum relationship. Each party is a threat to other and acts violently against other. Four area of conflict is behavior in conflict which is each party proposes to achieve its goal and it also noted to be any behavior which occur within the context of a conflict situation. Furthermore, I have learned the types of conflict such as inter-state conflict, intral-state conflict, non-state conflict, political conflict, socio-cultural conflict, economic conflict, territorial conflict, ethnic conflict, religious conflict and ethno-political conflict. I believe that, all these types of conflict happen in each country of the world. We cannot avoid all these problems. And the 2 main conflicts is political and ethnic conflict. Before this, I only know the political conflict because this conflict always happens in my country. There are many political conflicts happen in my country, sometime; some of the political parties used the religion to achieve their mission. For me, it is not good to used religion for their importance. They are not realizing that what they have been doing is totally wrong. In the tutorial class for seminar of current affairs, my lecturer was explained about the globalization in general. Then, he discussed it by looking in the difference window such as environment, economical, social, cultural and political. Before he discussed about it, we need to make four groups for discussed about the topic and then, we need to come out with our opinion. For me, it is very difficult because I do not know much about current issues. In the discussion, we got a lot of new things that we do not know before such as Special Economic Zone( SEZ). Lastly, I was very excited and curious to learn more about the current issues around the world.

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