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Reflective Diary on Current Affairs – by Heni Fitria

As we talked about current affairs in the class, I can see that news cannot be called as current affairs. News is about issues that happen in the past, present, and it might be related to the future. In the other hands, current affairs include issues that occur only in the present. Besides that, to see current affairs I should understand the window which includes four aspects, political, culture, social, and economical. All of them are affected by environment, science, and also technology. There are three dominant current affairs of the world. They are environment, socio-economic-political, and culture. Many kinds of environment problems can damage the earth, such as global warming, pollution, natural disaster, and etc. One of causes of environment problems is greenhouse effect. It can give bad impact in the atmosphere, and the temperature can rise. In my opinion, natural disaster is the most dangerous because it causes many victims. As tsunami that occurs in 2004 in my country, the death tolls from tsunami were more than 150 people. Another experience was from Mr John, he told us a story about a mother’s struggle to save her two children, because of the terrible situation at that time, one of her children could not be saved. I was so sorry to hear that, even I could not imagine how the mother’s feeling when she lost her child forever. It can make me aware of how important environment for us. Human is the main cause of environment problems. Thus, as human being, I should care and also preserve it. The second dominant current affair of the world is socio-economic-political. One of issues of that is corruption. It usually happens in most of countries. Many members of parliament or government do whatever they want without giving any concern to the societies that always get bad impacts from what they have done, especially to the poor people. Sometimes, I get annoyed when I heard that sort of news, but as a student who do not have any courage of complaining to the government, the only thing that I can do is keep quiet and do my best to catch my dreams which is help people who are from underprivileged background, In shaa Allah. About the culture, it is affected by identity of each person. By differences of perspectives and world view among people, it can create many issues. Sometimes, it is tough and complicated to solve them. Thus, for me, respect is one of ways to solve the issues of culture.


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