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Reflective Diary for week 3 – by Moctar Diaby

Reflective Diary for week 3

I what I have gone through this week in the ethic subject has added some view about ethical issues to of these is the simple definition of ethic which mostly focuses in the philosophical study of morality. I also had a positive understanding in the way making judgments which are comprehensiveness, coherent, consistent and adequate. Generally, I think most of the ethical issues depends on the background believe and values where we can see something is wrong and others can see it right in another way.

According to the statement we had in our ethic class which says (which one is better killing or lying). Broadly, I think killing has no way to become better than lying, although both of them are bad. When it comes to killing we all know that there is no chance to bring the body back, whereby, in lying even though it might cause many problems and unwanted ends. However we still can always have the chance to survive and find the truth again before taking someone life if it would lead to that. There some people who argued that oppositely, I still refer to the surviving casing it is clear that one hundred killings will never have less than one hundred killed people. Contrary, it is possible that one hundred lies lead to not even one killed person. From this we can see the different is that killing means direct no back but lying can have many turns or roundabout to come back if we assumed it would lead to killing. Simply if human life is the most important thing, to clarify more if we assume that there are two doors A and B  and there group of people behind the doors. Then, there are told if anyone goes through the door a will surely be killed. And if you go through the door B there might be chance for some or all to live , get injured or even all to be killed, with no any small hasty everyone will run to door B trying his luck, and that is how the case is exactly.

If any disagreement everyone is welcomed. THANKS

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