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Reflective Diary Day 2 Tutorial 31st January 2013 – by Aminath Afra

In today’s tutorial class we discussed about ethics. Ethics is an art and science of judgment moral behavior (right or wrong, good or bad) which has serious consequence on human being on the environment. This is categorized into two parts they are harming and rewarding. Sometimes rewarding hurts human. In 2011 when I was doing my diploma in teaching, I was sent to preschool for training. One day I saw a teacher giving gift only for the first fives student as a reward, however the other fifteen student were not given anything. I saw their sad face. I was only a trainee; if I was in the main teacher’s role I would have another gift therefore those children would not get hurt. They were only 3 to 4 years old.

The second activity that was done in class was really interesting and made us think deeply. We had a small group that was half of the class sitting in a circle and the other half sitting behind us. The once, who sat inside the circle had to discuss and come to a conclusion about the topic that was given to us. The topic was lying is less harmful than killing. Some of the students agreed with this. They said that lying is better than taking a life. They also said that you can lying to save a person’s life.

Moreover there was another group who said lying is worst. For example a husband was lying to his wife saying she was the only the woman who he loves there is no one other than her in this world for him. But he secretly had a girlfriend. What would happen the day his wife knows about it? Of course she will be badly hurt and sometime may even commit suicide or live every day in an unworthy way. Killing her would have been much better than lying to her. On the other hand, there was one group who said that both are the same. They said that even when u kill a person, you should be killed so lying and killing both are harmful.

To my opinion I feel that, lying is same as killing a person. They both are sins. If a person lies you and you get hurt. Maybe the lie that is told to you might even destroy your living. However you should live. Therefor it is the same as killing.

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