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Reflection dairy week three for ethics by UMMA SALMA

I am very much cheerful that I am going to write my reflection dairy for the first time that is going to keep my tutorial class week three. The topic of this week for ethics is about what ethics is and how it can offer opportunity to make correct choice of our behavior. In our class my beloved lecturer as well as my friends including me discussed lying is less harmful than killing in aspect of ethics.

Firstly, I want to write about ethics. In my class though my lecturer and my friends I have learnt that  ethics is a branch of knowledge that deals with right and wrong, good and bad, duty and responsibility.  It is very much connected with human. It is a mirror of our existence. Ethics provides us with a moral map, a framework that we can use to find our way through difficult issues.

Ethics supports us to take decision of argumentative questions like lying is harmful than killing. Whatever we have chatted in class that some of our friends have supported it and the rest were disagree with this. For me I am with them who were disagreeing. I like to say that because lying and killing are not same kind of sin. If we tell a white lie to a person he might be miss something. But if we kill him he will lose everything. We see since morning till night people are telling lie for numerous reasons. How can people kill someone randomly rather than telling a lie with him. Even some time we must have to express wrong. For example we can say, if a girl had a relationship with a boy before marriage. He cannot tell it to his husband because the man might not take it easily. Of course it impossible for lassie to kill his dearly loved husband in spite of telling him lies. There are also some eras where it better to kill than lying. When lying might be destructive for many others then it better to kill somebody to save many others.

Ethics doesn’t always show the right answer to moral problems strictly. A moral problem like this depends on situations as well. Ethics can do is eliminate confusion and clarify the issues. Therefore we should find out the right knowingly.

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