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Present Educational Issues – a School Teacher’s Perspective

JB in a function at Shri Sharada Primary School, Thanjavur, India where he is the correspondent

I asked a primary school teacher to tell me what would she do if she becomes the Minister for Education to solve the problems in the present education system. The teacher replied:

” Sir, The teachers do not get enough time now to teach the present syllabus. So I will increase the school time for at least one or two hours more. I will also see that they would get more salary than what they get now. I will make a rule that parents should spend time with their children in their homework. I will also order that parents should give birth to only smart children and not like the dull headed ones that the majority we have now. Headmasters should organize motivational speeches once in a month for teachers to monitor the classes properly. I will sack the lazy teachers from their job. I will also see that the text books do not change very often. The teachers should not go often out for seminars and trainings leaving their classes. These are the practical solutions to the problems in the present education system. “

Is She right?

Does she speak the real problems of the present education system?

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