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Political Ethics by Hamdun Mohammed

Politics is being practiced everywhere. But it differs depending on a country. Politicians mostly take advantage on its people. They bribe them during elections. They give them false promises and hopes. Normally Politicians give hate speeches about their opponents. Speeches that form hatred in people’s heart on a particular leader.

I think they should change this kind of behavior. They should be honest. How can someone want to become a leader while he or she is not trustworthy? For you to become a leader you should be a role model. But people have changed the characteristics of a Politician. They have made it to look like a greedy, liar and corrupt leader. The hatred between Politicians ends up in killing one another to secure their positions. They should stop bribing people in need during elections. They should use that bribe in building the nation.

The people themselves made politics to be something to do with tribes. They do not go for the right leader but they vote for someone who is of same tribe. This kind of ethics would never change the country. The Citizens should learn from their past. They should elect leaders by their actions and not by their promises, bribe or tribe.

Every human being is addicted to politics. They use it everywhere. You might find someone who did not get a job somewhere because he supports so and so or he supports certain party. People hate each other because of politics.Conflicts arises because of Politics. Things have turned upside down. The main function of Politics is to change the world to a better place and not destroy one another.

People should be educated on how politics should be. They should know that Politics is about perceptions of the leaders. The leaders should also avoid hate speeches that might harm not only the respective opponent but the whole nation.

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