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Panel discussion report 66: ” is united nation failure or success” ?

1. introduction United Nations the organization that is not new to the ears of many people in the world, since we have them in each and every sovereign nation in the world, indeed this was my area of panel discussion where we placed on the table looking on different dimensions whether united nation in existence for almost six decades now is sailing in sinking boat (failure) or successful in their mission. I would like to introduce my fellow panelist and they are as follows. Hussein Ahmed Sirat- human right activist Cyril Kudzaishe Duri – moderator Abdirahman Shire M. Saajid Sabry Booso Jahirul Islam

Overview of the points discussed

We have chosen the above topic because it is debatable and it is also very famous and is current day to day topics of discussion. In general what I can mention about our panel discussion, it was very tight discussions and we had four panelist, where two of them have discussed the positive side of United Nation and the other two have brought forward failures of UN, I would briefly mention some of the crucial points that were covered by panelist in the either sides, there was one point which was covered by Mr. Abdirahman shire our second panelist, he revealed that united nation is total failure and identified Sexual abuses by UN peacekeepers.

In December 2004, during the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, at least 68 cases of alleged rape, prostitution and pedophilia and more than 150 other allegations have been uncovered by UN investigators, all perpetrated by UN peacekeepers, specifically ones from Pakistan, Uruguay, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and Nepal. Peacekeepers from three of those nations are also accused of obstructing the investigation. On the other hand I as one of the panelist I believed that UN have done so many things for the world nations regardless of their some petty faults, we witnessed UN peace-keeping forces in many countries that are undergoing political instabilities, and also relief foods that they provide to the countries that are suffering from droughts and famine .

2. Process

For the duration of our preparation intended for the panel discussion we had several days of meeting to brainstorm which topic to choose for our panel discussion, my fellow panelist have suggested several subjects of discussion, some of the topics that were recommended were as follows.  women empowerment in our countries,  Can we say all civil society organizations are useful and work for the interest of the public?  And last was “is UN success of failure? After long discussion with a lot of disagreement we decided to choose the last topic for our panel discussion. Furthermore before our date of panel discussion we had rehearsal in order to conduct our discussion very well and avoid some minor mistakes that would lead to inconveniences. Indeed this topic was very wide and it was caring a lot of information’s to be covered and we managed to make it very interactive for our audience to understand better our arguments.

3. The implementation

Apparently we were among the first groups who were to perform there panel discussion, and therefore our presentation was excellent in general, our topic of was clear enough and our panelist were well prepared they were competent enough on their points of discussion, nevertheless no one was born perfect we had some mistakes, our main difficulties was time-management we almost exceeded the expected time for each speaker and that was our main noticeable weakness, our strength was we were very confident to answer the questions of our audience. On the other hand were very open to our audience we welcomed questions, additional information’s and corrections from their side.

4. Learning/reflection of the panel discussion

Basically the Idea of having panel discussion is very great and I suppose is the only way we can learn from each other, we should have several of the this interactive discussions in our academic sessions in each semester. Personally I learnt several things from this and previous panel discussion, I learnt how to work as a group and certainly it is good to learn how to be a part of a team, since this would prepare us our prospect working areas. Nevertheless panel discussion is very important and we need it throughout our studies.

5. Conclusion

To conclude my argument, I have confidence that panel discussion is one of the paramount techniques for all of us to share our opinion and current issues which are taking place around us and even the entire world, like our topic of discussion on whether united nation is failure or success of which I may say each and every organization, either civil society organization’s like non-governmental organizations, non-profit organization have their own weaknesses and strength as well, therefore we cannot blame united nation for their small shortcomings but we have to always mention what they have achieved.

6. References 1. Criticism of the United Nations. Retrieved June 6, 2013 from‎ 2. Benson. D (2010). Has the United Nations failed to fulfil its founding promise to maintain international security. Retrieved on 16, June, 2013 from 3. Jeffrey, G. (2010) Mass Rapes in Congo Reveals U.N. Weakness Retrieved on 16, June, 2013 from

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