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Panel discussion report 59: “The need of women leadership in civil society”

I.          Overview of the points discussed:

The need of women leadership in civil society are very important in today globalization, the more population, the most it be needed. However, frequently, women leadership is the continued lacking because of gender equality. Even though, the equality of gender have been promote and throughout the world. There are still some negative point block them to have a leader position. So, at this points we could say that there are many barriers prevent women to hold this leadership. The Society which is developed is not involving from only the man but also woman who are intelligence, smart, skillful, brought the harmony to their own communities.

Woman leadership have been seen enhance through many country, this involvement show the really democracy and strength of the country. Most of the woman have been aspired to be leadership all of aspect in both public and private sector. However, woman itself have to challenge many obstacles which need the very good skills and leadership to overcome those barriers. Some culture is barrier to woman leadership. woman seem need more challenge to overcome this barrier. They cannot give up their culture and caught up the modern world. Therefore, it is bit difficult for any NGO to empowerment such woman.

II.          The process

The first process before come up with the success panel discussion, we had form a group of 5 members which everyone seem cope and get along to work together. After that, our group decide to choose the panelists and moderator by asking if anyone want to volunteer to be a moderator or panelists. After come up with moderator and panelist, we were trying to find the topic that our lectures provided relating to the civil society. Therefore, all of the members in our group has decide to choose the topic “The need of women leadership in civil society”. We choose this topic because we thought that the need of woman civil society is so important in our communities nowadays. It need their implement, corporation, and contribution to improve their social through civil society. To improve the communities not only the man can do it, but also the woman. This topic is really interesting and also useful to be discussed, share knowledge on current issues related to woman empowerment. Then, we divided our task for every members with the agreement all of them.  After that, all the member help each other to write thesis statement which it was taking about 7 minute.  After that we were brainstorming looking for subtitle, therefore we got four subtitle for each panelist, that is :Problems and issues related to women, Present situation of women leadership in NGO, Barriers that destruct to take leadership position in NGO, and Suggestion to increase women leadership in NGO. During brainstorming looking for thesis statement and subtitle we have a bit issues on finding topics, thesis statement and subtitle. The problem is that some of the member are not agree with some points provided by other members, it mean we have different ideas. However, this was not a big problem for us, we can solve it easily. We solve it by giving everyone a chance to explain the points they provided, if the point is good, valid, accurate we will choose that points. It is fair and good way to solve the problem.

III.   The Implementation (Describe the satisfaction/ strength Dissatisfaction/ weakness)

To do a successful group work, we need corporation, hardworking, skill, consultation, inclusivity, assertiveness, and values from group members. When all the group members know all the value of it, they will get job done very well. We are really satisfied with our panel discussion because we were try our best and when our present day is not look bad and everything is going smoothly. Before the day of panel discussion, we had meeting three time among, this hard working make us easier to do our panel discussion.

This also we should be grateful to our lecturers because they give us more time to prepare, so that we can have that time to search the relevant topic and points and also prepared our question to be discussed. Everybody already prepared the points to talk and time management. Therefore. All of us seem correctly match with the time limited. However, every work done always have something wrong happened on the ways, it is not always the best. Weakness is the teacher that we should learn from and correct later. During our panel discussion, we were careless on the slide which we prepared. Some of our presentation slides which supposed to show the audiences is not match to what we said. Some time we talk faster than slide and some time we talk slower than slide because that time the one who control the slide is not practice with us before do this panel discussion, we just choose anyone who free to control it at that time. Especially my turn, I was busy to talk my points with caring the slide, so I talked faster than slide moved. I don’t satisfy with this issue because to have a good presentation, we need good information along appropriated with visual aid. However, I present my task well. Another weakness during our presentation is lack of audiences. Every my presentation, I wish there are many people come to see my presentation because I want to overcome my fear when doing it. I am the one who are nervous, fear, worry, afraid to speak, I never talk well in some circumstance. So, if there are more audiences, I will be able to practice more and try to overcome every barriers which prevent me not to have good presentation.

IV.           Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion (On information speech & handling questions)

In this panel discussion, we learned many things about the woman leadership in the civil society because each panelist have their own task to search about the all the aspect relating to the woman leadership include barrier, strength and weakness. Therefore, through their presentation we could get more understand on this topic. For me the most important things I learned from this panel discussion is team work. At the first time, our group is seem a bit mess up because most of our group members is from Nepal, so most of the time they speak their own language, Nepal. So it is make some of members difficult to understand. But, later on they understand the ineffective communication working in the group, they turn back to speak English. This experiences I learned that communication is very important to achieve the success goals, we should try to learn to speak, listening and understand others well.

Another thing that I leaned is inclusivity. It mean that everybody should be included and treat as important member when work in the team. Sometime, when working in the group I realized that for the quite student will not have chances to express their opinions because they think that even they provide their own points of views, the leading member will not accept and take consider on it. I believe that this issue will discourage those students not to hard working, aggressiveness, and disappointed in their learning. So from this point, I found that as the leaders we should not take only our own opinions and give up others. We should not think we are the best or superior than others. We should take and look all the aspects, accept others during working in the team, so that we will achieve the successful goals in the future.

Other reflecting during panel discussion speaking, I feel I should change my habit from mesmerize the text to impromptu to speech by preparing only the points. Many time already I try to mesmerize the text and speak during my presentation, and this habit will stuck my brain not to work and flexible faster. The things is I want my brain to reflect faster and be able to speak smoothly by just seeing the points. I know that if I still continue to do like this I will not be able to do public speaking. However, thought panel discussion, at least I have develop my skill more on speaking, get rid of fear, and encourage to faces audiences. Later I will try my best to make a good presentation.

During our panel discussion, we got two question asked from our audience. The question which been asked by moderator is not too difficult because we already prepared, but the question which asked by the audiences is it bit difficult Because  to answer it correctly we need to have properly knowledge on it and have very good research. However, during answer it we have use our critical thinking to look all the answer points match to the question, somehow the answer was acceptable. This lesson tell me that we should not just answer without thinking, and analyzing, if you answer wrong or exaggerate,  the people will laugh you, so we have to use critical thinking before answering. So I have learned to analyze quickly, and prepare myself with the obstacle that I will meet in the future.

V.    Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say that through this panel discussion I got much knowledge on woman leadership and experiences on public speaking because I have learn, do research on the points related to topic.  Moreover, I am be able to understand how to make a success team work, and how to communicate well in the group work, because during in the group we have to do the task together and use effective communication, therefore our group reached the successful goals because we how to tolerance o to each other well. This all knowledge could be very important and useful to me as a learner because I need to use all skill in the future. As the next step I should learn and do more research on such useful lesson and try to overcome all my weakness and fear so that I will got successful someday.

VI.    References

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