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PANEL DISCUSSION REPORT 5: Creating a better society through volunteerism

Overview of Points Discussed.

Civil society is the third sector in society that helps people who are in need. They are as volunteers to help them without expect any remuneration from them. Volunteers can give many impacts in society because they can change of people’s life. Besides they are able to help people and solve problems, they also can improve their skills and ability.

Panel Discussion Process Form of Group Members and Made Proposal

Everyone agreed to choose group members as we want. My group mates were Raja (Malaysia), Ahmed (Maldives), and Sahista and Azrina (Fiji). Furthermore, we discussed about panel discussion proposal that consisted of topic, thesis statement, points that will be delivered by each panelist and many others. My group mate and I wanted to choose a topic about volunteerism so that we could talk based on our knowledge and experiences. Our topic was “Creating a better society through volunteerism”. Furthermore, we had a disagreement regarding questions format that moderator asked in panel discussion. I preferred discussion would one round only, while everyone has agreed to make our panel discussion two rounds. Since majority agreed with it, so at the end, each panelist spoke two times. The discussion was done smoothly because everyone was satisfied with decision that we have made.


During presentation, Ahmed Nasir was as moderator who introduced us to the audiences as well as the topic. Likewise, overall panelists mentioned that volunteerism has important role in society, because there are many people who need our help. As students, although we do not have money or materials, we are able to help people by using our knowledge and our skills. Likewise, one volunteerism can change a person or people life as stated by Azrina who was the first panelist. And also, I said that we should not use ourselves only to serve our need, but we should use ourselves to help others. As human, we cannot live alone; we should help each other’s. Additionally, when we help and teach people, we also get benefits from it. For example, Raja was emphasized on education, so whenever she teaches her students, she will be more understood on it. In life, there will be give and take among people that show as human being we need two directions. I loved quote that was stated by Shahista which was, “nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.” Panelists also explain about the benefits of volunteerism such as learn other’s culture, get new friends, get new experiences, explore new environment and many others advantages. Furthermore, I talked about how to make volunteerism more effective which consisted of three points which are volunteers should be open minded so that they can adapt themselves easily with new environment or new community. They also should be conscience in order to make them helping people sincerely. Lastly, they should aware and know what community needs, so everyone will really get benefits from our help effectively.

The Strength and the Weaknesses of Implementation

I liked my group because we could be open minded that could accept other’s opinions. Everyone expressed their feeling and idea freely so that no one would feel shy and afraid to share it during discussion. In fact, there was no many disagreement among us. However, I was disappointed with my group mate when they spoke with their language; I wish I could understand their language too. Lastly, I felt so bad and shy when we performed panel discussion late than our schedule. It was because we had rehearsal before we came to class.


I understood that we need to be confident when we give speech. We do not need to make script and memorize it, it is better to prepared main points so that we will not forget. I think during panel discussion, it is much better if we spoke based on our knowledge and experience rather than we act as somebody else that force us to memorize it. Likewise, there was a question that was given from my classmate regarding volunteers that my group mentioned. In fact, he misunderstood between SLA and Enactus because they are totally different. Enactus people are good example of volunteerism because members are not forced to join that club; they are volunteers to be a member as well as to help people, while SLA is university course that everyone has to study it. It is not kind of volunteerism.


In conclusion, my group’s mission was succeeded because we could do panel discussion well. I like my group so much because everyone was responsible to do tasks that were given for each of us. We helped to each other, and the most important thing is we worked as a team whereby we prepared everything together.


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