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Panel Discussion Report 28: Women Leadership in NGOs

1. Overview of the points discussed

In 21st century, although women’s status has improved remarkably in many societies, women still continue lack to access the power and leadership than men. There are some civil societies; NGOs play a fundamental role to increase awareness of women legal rights and the issues which affects women such as conflict, globalization, education, information technology, and healthcare and so on. The solutions to increase the women leadership in NGOs, such as reform laws for gender neutral and to control violence that women are facing problem in NGOs, educate women, allow women in decision making, and empower women by providing training and activities in capacity building.

2. The process

  1. Planning

                        The topic of the Panel discussion was Women leadership in NGOs. We researched on that topic and we divided sub-topics for each of us to prepare for the panel discussion. I got the solutions and suggestion to increase the women leadership in NGOs sub-topic to prepare for the discussion. For the discussion, we gather all the information from each of us during rehearsal discussion.

  1. Points of arguments/ disagreement/ Resolution

                            Since the topic was not so bias for us, there was no any disagreement between us while in discussion. But at the end of the questions and answer session, one of our friend he asked the questions towards one of our panelist about the culture of Saudi Arab, that women are not allow to get job and work outside. One of our panelist, she explained that women should deserve to take part in leadership and decision making. I have learned that women needs most important aspects are education for women to empower women. Without empowering women, in all aspects such as social, economic, political, is virtually impossible to achieve potential growth and prosperity in the society.

3. The Implementation

  1. Describe the satisfaction/ strength

                              During panel discussion, I do agree that the individuals should work together to reform the laws, social norms and capacity should build for women’s leadership. Societies must also acknowledge the potential of growth and prosperity that can be achieved when women are included. The presence of women in leadership positions in NGOs is to serve as role models for other women. These women leaders advocate for their rights and encourage women not to be passive, but to take actions and stand for their rights.

  1. Dissatisfaction/ weakness

While in panel discussion, I was bit nervous and I was not able to present the slides properly because I was not notice that slides were presenting, I was just going on and on to explain the information towards the topic to the audience rather than presenting slides and some points. But I think, it was well organized speech that I presented that answer of the questions from the moderator.

4. Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

  1. On information speech & handling questions

Before to select the topic for the panel discussion, women leadership in NGOs is the topic decided by group which I had not much idea about it. After going through or research on it, it was like clear brightness in my mind. Indeed I learned more about discussion with group members, how to present the points and our own ideas in well organize order that we presented into the panel discussion, where we had some argument within our group members but we were able to overcome those problematic issues during discussion by dividing the task or part for each of us to present in the panel discussion. In addition, we also should concern that points or ideas towards presenting evidence and examples with proper references which could clarify more on the topic. Moreover, we should be more conscious towards other feeling while we are presenting ourselves to share our own ideas which might not hurt others’ feeling and it will affect in good relationship between friends.

5. Conclusion

After all, now we understood to deal with the problem that we are facing while we are presenting in panel discussion, and even more about the topic that women leadership in NGOs which I could understand it more clearly and I was able present the ideas which helped us to know more about it. We should give a big thanks to our lecturers by providing such activities to present information that we research on the topic and to share our ideas through panel discussion with group members.

6. Reference

2. as retrieved on 12/06/2013

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