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Panel Discussion Report 21: How to make a sustainable development in any community.


The main question we addressed in our panel discussion was how to make a sustainable development in any community. In which all the members of that society benefit from it and involve on it, too.


To run the panel discussion there were four panelists from different countries and backgrounds. And every one of them gave his opinion about what he thinks in how to make a sustainable development in any community. Generally, there was no much agreement among them, whereby the first panelist believes that the best way to make a sustainable development is by having a skill development organization. And that will help the community to be better in term of skills. Another panelist was focused more in charity organization which he thinks it better for making sustainable development. He added that there are some people who have the skills and ideas that can make a great change in the community but they cannot do anything due to the absent of fund. The third panelist’s point was to combine both skill development organization and charity organization in order to make sustainable development. He argued that there could be some members of the community having some skills that they might have got them from their traditional and cultural livelihood, and they only need money and start producing for the community. Also, if the charity organization provides money and the members of the society do not have enough skill, then, there might not be long term benefit from it. And the last panelist emphasized that the most important point is the physical contribution and participation, and if that point is met any type of civil society organization can lead to a sustainable development.


The ideas that were given in this panel discussion were mostly doable, especially when it comes to direct human interaction such us skill development organization implementation. In most communities people are ready to learn and get knowledge so they could contribute in development progressing. Same goes to the charity organizations that might really be beneficial to those people who are skillful and knowledgeable to start their own plans and activity they that they wished to do. Furthermore, the point of physical contribution or participation seems to be much effective when it is implemented in any community, and that is going to reduce the efforts that would have been needed if only a specific people are going to do it. In the other hand, the point of combining skill development organization and charity organization seems to be difficult somehow. It sounds really helpful in any community to do so but if it is combined it means there will be much usage of different resources and in any civil society organization we need to take the limitation of resources into our consideration. Generally, the points given can make a big positive change when making a sustainable development in any community.


From what I have got from this panel discussion is that every community has its own problems and there are different types of organization that can work for one community rather than another. In another word, it is not necessary that all types of organization can lead to a sustainable development in a particular community. Some community might only need such financial supports to start doing well, whereby other may need to learn how to do things. So, the situation and condition of each community helps us decide what type of organization does help them in making sustainable development. Another point is to have a sustainable development in any community we need to insure that the principles of sustainability are met. They are anticipation and prevention of potential environmental degradation, full cost accounting, informed decision-making, living off interest, quality over quantity and respecting the nature and the right for the future generation.


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