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Only God has the right to give and take away life

Week 9 we studied about contemporary ethical issues. This topics was interesting because this current world issues were famous everywhere. The topics that were discussed in this week were; cloning, surrogate mother, euthanasia, suicide and abortion. In some of these cases the create life and some cases of this the life is been taken away by man.

Cloning is a creation of genetic copy of a sequence of a DNA or of entire genome of an organism. Dolly is the first mammal ever cloned using SCIVT. It came into this world as an innocent lamb. There are two types of cloning they are; cloning for researches and therapy, and human reproductive cloning.

Surrogacy means a woman carries and delivers a child with another person or person, not with her husband. It means, the sperm is or eggs may be provided commissioning parents but donor sperm or egg may also be used. To my opinion, the couple sometimes do this to get their own baby, however if the sperm is donated by another person that it not their own child. It the woman’s and the donor’s child. Also some cases the husband donates the sperm to another woman to have a own child. In that case the child is the husbands and the surrogate mother’s not his wife’s child. How can this be logical that they do this to have their own child.

According to the abortion, there is a lot of this case around the world. This is a very famous case, especially among teenagers. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by the removal embryo prior to viability. The term abortion most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy. Nowadays, the statistic of abortion increase among teenagers. In my opinion, it is better for them to give the children to someone who needs it rather than making abortion. It is not only can make your life in a dangerous, but it can ruin your future as well.

Euthanasia is a termination of life by a doctor at the request of a patient. Is it ethical, as a doctor killed their patient if they are hopeless? It is not ethical at all. What I understood about Euthanasia is that the patient’s life is taken because of the pain he is suffering and that there is no hope for him to live. In opinion, in should not be allowed in any of the cases. God gave us life so only he has the rights to take it not a human doctor.

Suicide is when the person kills himself. This normally happens when a person is in depression, drug abuse and alcoholism, failure of love and when there is no one to show the love. I wonder while they suicide why don’t they think twice. They are not only killing themselves however they kill the hope of many other people. The problem doesn’t end however it starts.

According to my opinion all of the above should not be legal since it all has a ethical issue. Only God has the right to give life and take it away. There is no need for a human to do it. Because there is a right time for everything. All we need is to live in an ethical way so we will not go for the above things.

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