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Once I asked my mother

This week we continued our previous topic that is “Contemporary ethical issue”. Ethical issues such as surrogate motherhood and euthanasia were discussed in this session.  Our lecturer and tutorials became more interesting.  The reason is that ethical issues are very debatable matter.  And every student has its own view point to these topics. In our tutorial class we make a discussion. We were giving various questions to each other within theme.  While giving my opinion I realized that I was thinking only from one perspective and considering it as true by rejecting others opinions.  It is fortune that I got to know that we shouldn’t think only in one direction but we should understand and accept others opinion as well.

I would like to give my opinion to Surrogate motherhood ethical issue.  As it was said in the lecture Surrogate motherhood occurs when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the infertile couple. This is a good opportunity for childless family to have a baby. In addition they have another solution to this problem such as adopting a child from orphanages. If more people rely on adoption from orphanage then the number of children in the orphanage will be decreased and more children were happy. Moreover controversial views of surrogate motherhood state that this practice is equal to prostitution and it is unethical since woman provide bodily service in order to earn money.  I think it is difficult to make a decision, whether to adopt or take from mother.  I believe that some living consequences force them to take the action of surrogacy.

Once I asked my mother about what is the underlying and convincing reason of people to do surrogacy.  She answered that, majority people who are taking this action believe that the child adopted from orphanage may have mental illness or diseases that passed through gene and also if the parents that gave a birth were bad (for instance: alcoholics, drug addicted and etc.) then the children also may become like them. Therefore, taking into consideration these aspects people are still taking the action of surrogacy.

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