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My view on Current Affairs – by Hodo Hersi

The term current events or commonly known us current affairs is used nowadays to describe the present events in political, economic and social aspects that are happening in the world today. It also discusses our relation with the environment and how we avail the development of technology and science. The world has gone through many changes so does the current affairs for example there was once that happens in one part of the world will virtually have any effect on other parts and everything took place behind the scenes in the past. Nevertheless, due to science and technology, the globe shrunk and all the events that take place in one area of the globe will affect the other parts. This is the reason that forced many countries in the world to become politically active in the worlds market place and every country is competing to the control the word to achieve good economic scale. In addition to this current affairs explores the social aspects of the people and how the relate to the environment. To sum it up, currents affairs describes all the important issues that are taking place in the world which has an impact on the bigger community of the world.

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