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My priorities For global issue are….by Ekhlas Musaed

Today lecture was so effective, prof. Evanglos discussed about the global problems. We started by watching a video calls “Ted Talks” and honestly, it was unfamiliar to me. This video presented the global issues. There were top problems to be solved: 800 million were starving, 1 billion people lacked clean water to drink, 2 million were surfing form AIDS, and 2 billion were lacking sanitation, 940 million of illiterate adult and 175 million of international migrants. Secondly, there were the challenges like climate change, commutable diseases, conflicts, education, financial instability, governance corruption, malnutrition and hunger, migrants, sanitation and water,  subsides and trade barriers.  The lecturer asked all of us what our top priorities are. Why? If we solve one problem, does it effects the other one?

Frankly, I was confused what to choose in my priorities, whether government corruption or education. However, I think the top one should be government corruption because by this issue it could lead to many other problems because if there is corruption there will be inequality which will lead to poverty, and other problems. The reason why I did not choose education because nowadays there are people with bachelor, master and doctor but I can say they are UNEDUCATED!.

Last question asked by prof.Evanglos is migrants a problem? I think yes, it is a problem for many counties as example Chinese are migrants in many counties. In some cases it could cause brain drain to their counties and it may also cause some conflict in the host country because the immigrant may get the opportunity more than the local people which could be a problem. For my country “Yemen” immigration is not the big deal or issue but political conflict Due to government intervention and corruption. I can say, it is a very serious issue that is happing now!.

During today’s tutorial was a very active and debatable. As usual a very honorable lecturer Mr. John divided us into two groups and gave us two words which were (globalization and Global warming). We were asked to write a key world about each one. Well we come out with many keywords. For example under globalization were World Bank, tradition, cultural, language, technology, transportation, communication and international trade.  Secondly, global warming like pollution, deforestation, forest fire, acid rain, green house and so one.

This activity makes me think deeper about what could be included under globalization and global warming and relate them. Lastly, Mr. John asked each group to choose their topic for panel discussion and we chosen globalization.

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