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My case against homosexuality and same-sex marriage

The issue of same-sex marriages is a controversial one and it’s also a contemporary one, we have discussed it during our lecture and now I’ll reflect my thoughts on the issue.

Since time immemorial, marriage has been a union between a man and a woman and any attempt to change this will defile this sacred institution.  Besides God, we owe the continuity of our life to the union of a man and a woman.  Same-sex marriage would lead to the exact opposite results it will probably herald the beginning of the end of man’s life on the planet.

One of the most common arguments used by same-sex marriages activists is that homosexuality is inborn, that people don’t choose to be gay but they are born gay. At the surface this argument looks valid but in fact a deeper look shows how flawed this argument is and it’s nothing but a propaganda cliché used by same-sex marriage activists to promote their unnatural and corrupt version of marriage. If   people are born gay, why is it common now and not before (a few decades ago it was unheard of in many African Countries? .   Why is homosexuality more common in some societies than others? If homosexuality is inborn then the distribution of gay people in the world would have been even, but again this isn’t the case. Based on the answers above, it’s logical to conclude that homosexuality is not inborn.

In addition, what same-sex marriages deny is that opposite sexes complement each other. This is due to our biological, psychological and physical make up.  For instance the sperm is able to fertilize the egg and it what’s amazing is that the anatomy of a sperm seems to suggest that it was designed to fertilize the egg and the egg to be fertilized by the sperm. This proves that man and woman are sexually complementary beings.

Furthermore the absence of homosexual relationships in nature also suggests that it that homosexuality is unnatural and also foreign to nature. And that suggest that homosexuality is man’s own invention and is sign of deviation from nature.

I strongly believe that same-sex marriages are not only immoral but they also threaten our morality. Our morality is centered on family. The family is the fundamental block of our morality; it is from the family that the society builds on. If the fundamental constituents of a family are altered (to include spouses of the same sex) then how do we get the soft and tender teachings of the mother? How do we get the courageous words of the father that brings hopes to a child?  What is a home without mom and dad?  The answers to these questions suggest that altering the definition of a family will only bring chaos in our society thereby endangering the foundations upon which our molarity stands on i.e. family and society.

I believe that same-sex marriages are a harbinger for greater disaster that is waiting to get loose on us. If same-sex marriage is justified and legalized then we could take another step: justify and legalize incest and who knows, people could be marrying their sisters/brothers or other close family relatives in future!  Such are the consequences of that could come with justifying same-same marriage.

In conclusion, I reassert that homosexuality and same-sex marriages are unnatural and shouldn’t be encouraged because the effects to humanity would be dire.

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