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Mercy Killing – Euthanasia

One of the Contemporary issues is the mercy killing which has been the subject of dispute for quite some time, in which it is difficult to reach any concrete conclusion. Before going into further details, let’s take a look what kind of killing this is. Looking at the title above that says “Mercy Killing” based on my understanding those to words are in a total contradiction. If u say ‘Mercy’ or ‘Merciful’ and ‘killing’ which is ‘death’, how is this to be considered killing as merciful. However, the literal meaning is by killing someone from incurable disease, sufferings at the patient’s request. To terminate a humans’ life by another person.

Terminating one’s life can be handled with the collective decision of patient or nearest relatives, doctors, State laws and also Judicial System. Such a very upsetting and tough task, in case of any attempt at recovery seems futile, may be undertaken simply by withholding or withdrawing medical treatments or life supporting systems.

While writing this puts me in a very difficult position, and makes it very hard for me only writing about it, but can you really imagine those who have to take such decisions. One may argue that voluntary euthanasia can be legalized if the patient requires it, but is one person takes such decisions is a person who is suffering from incurable disease and to take such decision a person should be mentally healthy. I strongly disagree if the family decides to take someone’s life, because euthanasia is when the patient asks for his/her life to be terminated.

However, let’s take a look at the unborn babies. The latest technology can forecast the children\s congenital defects of the head face or hands and so on. In such situations, if the baby is fully developed and the mercy killing has to take place, it is supported by many people, even though it is a shocking and can lead to traumatic issues for the mother.

To sum up, this issue is very debatable and it is very hard to decide whether it is right or wrong. Discussing about it can go on and on for so long and yet no any definitive conclusion may be reached about it.

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