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Life is like a mirror

Marriage has for many centuries been regarded as a permanent contract binding the couple together until death. Most of the ancient eastern cultures not allowed to break their contract not only that some of the religions in eastern had not given the right to live for the wife after the death of her husband. In western countries, this considers that marriage is a man-made contract only, without spiritual worth. They can make a decision when they need to be separate.

There are social as well as religious arguments against the divorce. Some of the religions and government rules are strongly disagree with this split. There is no religion or government act encourage the people to do this, but some religions and most of the countries law agree to take the divorce. Islam also strongly talks about the marriage life. If the person needs to choose the option, he will. But he cannot do whatever he wants. If a partner is unfaithful, doing major sins, not spend on family (men), giving torture and so on, he/she can break the marriage the government law divorce is a simple matter whoever can follow it.

After the break up question of children is very important one.  This is one of the major problems in this society now a day. Because of that marriage should be kept together weather it is happy or not for the sake of the children, say the people who are opposed to divorce. Most of the children separate to his mother or father after their divorce. Some of them are put in to the hostel. So many children like these are suffering for the other way parents and their family also facing some problems in the public

Marriage is the most important part in our life. We can easily break up relationship, but we cannot make it again. For an example life is like a mirror we can see our picture clearly, when it break we cannot see the same picture again. So in a marriage life they should have a clear understand between both of them. That is the way getting success in marriage life

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