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LGBT should not legalized

In week 10, our lecture was about some of the ethical issues such as LGBT. Dr.Faozie explained many aspects of it and each of the terminologies such as the meaning of Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual and Transsexual.  Those word are familiar to me , and perhaps to almost everyone. He continued reviewing some of the different debates among people , essentially , the pro’s and con’s. Also, he mentioned some of the countries that allow this kind relationship among people and vice versa.

In the 2 countries that represent me, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, these type of relationships are totally prohibited and absurd among the society. As matter of fact, the first time that I become familiar to Bisexual and Transsexual concepts and what they represent, was when I first came to Malaysia because it is totally unknown among the society where I lived and grew up, that also might be the reason why it never been brought up to discussion even at the educational level.

In my personal, LGBT should not legalized in all the parts of the world and there should be laws to deter this kind of act, in all the religions around the world, none allow this kind of interaction and behavior. Furthermore, imagine a world without it, I believe in a matter period of one generation, the transmitted sexual diseases which of millions of people are suffering from right now, would totally cease from existence.

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