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Let her die peacefully

From the beginning of the world till now there were many ethical issues that were resolved societal beliefs. Nowadays as the technology evolved these contemporary issues has been increased and people are on dilemma on these issues. In the week 9 of our course study, we had a very interesting discussion on some of the issues like abortion, mercy killing, surrogacy, cloning and suicide. Different students gave multiple reasons for or against these issues. However, I would like to reflect on the issue of mercy killing in this era of medical blessings.

When the doctors starts their job they take oath that they will not prescribed any medicine that will led the patient die. But, sometimes the doctors take this kind of decision in order to make the patients free from unbearable sufferings. I support mercy killing in two conditions for two major reasons. First of all if the patient is sensible and he/she prefers death rather than suffering than the doctors can take the step. But, if the patient is sensible and prefers living with all sufferings then the doctors do not have the right to kill him/her. The second condition is applicable in the circumstances when the patient is insensible and he/she cannot take a decision. In this situation patients’ family can take the decision and if the decision is affirmative only then the doctors should take the step of mercy killing.

The main reason behind supporting mercy killing is making patient free from intolerable sufferings. For example, there plenty of patients who are sufferings from vital diseases and it is sure that there is no way to get rid of those diseases, then why don’t we allow them to die peacefully rather than making them suffer more and more? Another reason is financial instability where parent have a few money and the child is suffering from an incurable disease that cost a lot of money. In many cases, hard core poor people are spending a lot of money to keep their children alive with the life support where there is no probability to be cure and come back to normal life. By doing so, they are endangering their own life as they are getting into the trap of poverty where there is a high probability that the existing alive people will suffer due to financial problems. In this circumstance, if the parent take a decision of mercy killing then why we don’t support that to make their life more peaceful.

However, many people might be disagreed with me but it is my opinion and I do not encourage mercy killing, but I believe that mercy killing is ethical under some circumstances.

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