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Junk Food

I went to the MacDonald with my friends this event it happens last week at Pinang. During eating MacDonald we were enjoyed with Chinese celebrate day by showing some even of their culture surrounding there it influences us by red color and the color it’s really amazing. We took the picture together while eating the MacDonald.

During eating MacDonald, at the MacDonald shop the one who were involve from the government is the customer   like us  because nowadays everywhere it’s easier for us to find this kind of shop and we compare about the price with another product it’s more cheaper.

The victims surely is the customer like us because we are the one who eat this kind of food and it’s harmful for our health too because it’s easier to eat beside that it’s also giving some disease to our bodies directly.

At that time the media is the third party which involve us to enjoy our eating by showing one event from Chinese culture moreover, this show was really excited because they jump up from the highest part of that building to the ground floor.

In fact, the media  from the MacDonald shop it’s also influence us by opening the music, the advertisement which is belong to the MacDonald shop to promote of their product to the customer of how delicious of their food. Those things are really enjoy us for our eating however, the main thing which is really involve us is the style of their selling or the way they serve the food for us.

The historical reasons because of the globalization of people who are changing of their life. They have no time to prepare their food at home thus, it’s easy to buy without spending so much time for cooking the food.

In my point, I think economic, social and culture are the main factor to implicate the customer to buy the MacDonald’s food. Such as the economic, for the fats foods the prices are cheap ,for the social they might not have time to cook the foods that’s why they choose to buy fast food and for the culture people likes to follow the European’s culture as well.

In the future, people will be more lazy and from continuing eat fast food it’s will effect to their health like overweight, cancer and heart problem. Moreover, peoples are changing of their culture’s because they are following to eat another culture’s food in fact, their traditional food will be gone soon if they still eating the MacDonald. I eat MacDonald because it testy, cheap, easy to eat and the cause of globalization too because people’s are too busy so they don’t have time to spend for cooking their traditional food at home. I don’t have any problem which is relate with the issue yet but somehow it also effect to my physical body is if I didn’t do any exercise .There is the resolution if people really need to solve it however, it seem to be more difficult to do because the MacDonald already become the favorites food of them.

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