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Japanese culture differs from other cultures

This week the lecturer was about Eastern and Islamic ethics. I got to know more about other religions like Confucianism, Buddhism, Zarathustra, Islam and so on. After the lecture class I realized that society is generally based on its national religions. For example, Confucianism become a base of Chinese social, political life and philosophy; Shintoism and Buddhism mainly influenced Japanese life and Islamic countries live according to Islam rules and regulations. Religion plays important roles in forming society. But I need to mention that almost all religions have same purpose in terms of living piece and bringing happiness to all the people in the world.

As you know principles of Confucianism, Shintoism, Zarathustra are still practiced by many people. They have a great influence on countries of East Asia like China, Japan, Iran, Korea and so on.  Now these countries are modern countries but we can see that they are still related to its religions. They were able to integrate with modern insights.

Let me talk about Japanese ethics and society that I am interested in. Japanese culture till now wonder me with their distinct attitude and behavior. It differs from other cultures with their discipline, politeness, cleanliness, hardworking attitude and collectiveness. I believe that they are developing in a rapid rates due to their very strong work ethics. The right teachings and practicing help Japanese people and society to develop and prosper.

From my own experience, I saw people who consider themselves as a religion person or in other words doing right things but the fact is that they are wrong in their actions. By doing this they are giving a bad impression to others about his or her own religion.  I would like to comment that people should deeply understand the concept of the teachings and practice it in a right way.

There is a lot to say about teachings and religions that formed Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Islamic countries. But I can say one that all religions tend to lead people to a right way and keep them from the bad way in order to achieve peace, harmony and prosperity.

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