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Islamic ethics

For Week 6 we only learn about Islamic Ethics and about Islam as a religion. And I think this week lecture was the best lecture ever because I really want to learn more about my religion history and what is ethic in Islam. In the beginning of the class we were discussed about the ethic before Islam and that’s included Pre- Islamic cultural and tribal contest and after that we continue with ethics through. So many new things that i learn that day about my own religion and honestly to say that I realize that there is so many things that I have to learn about Islam. Even though, Islam is my religion but I was so sad that I still don’t know well about it and its history. I once again I want to mention here that I really like this subject.

The lecture become more interesting after one by one question have been asked from my classmates and my knowledge and understanding about Islam become more and more. Then suddenly one of my classmates asked one question that is not it is ethical for the Muslim women to wear scarf (Hijab) in a hot weather conditions. Then, everyone start to give thier own oppinions. I my own opinion maybe my friend asked that question because he really want to know and learn about Islam but maybe the way he asked was not correct that’s why person who answer that question answered it with a bit angry tone. Hahaha but lucky nothing happen, but I was so impress with my classmates who answered that question all of it were good answer the way the answer it like they were they lecture it was so brilliant and all the answer come from different perspective, I was so impressed and proud of them.

After take a break, we continue our class with question and answer session. Actually 1 hour for the session is not enough, so many questions about Islam have been asked and so many brilliant answers have been given by students. Really it was the best lecture ever; even I don’t realize that it’s already 2 hour I was in class. Finally, before ending the class we discussed on scope and principles of Islamic ethics, tasks of Islamic Ethics, and fundamental ethical principles in Islam.

Honestly, after the class end I was so proud and greatful because Islam is my religion and I really hope that in the next class I can learn more about Islam next time and if can I also want to learn about others religion and others culture. Just to increase my knowledge and with that knowledge I know how to respect others their culture and religion. Because in my journey of life I will meet many other people so it is important for me to know what I can and cannot do if I was surrounding with people from a different religion.

Week 6: Reflective Diary

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