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islamic ethics

So many religions are followed by human being in this world. Every religion teaches in a very good polite manner for living in this earth. Islam is one of the main religion that is known by everyone around the world. Normally people know about Islam and his history.

Islam spread from Arab desert. Islam says that one and only god for worship and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger from the god. Islam made up of five pillars. First, the faith with god and his messenger. Also angels, holly books, previous messengers, day of judgement and good and bad happening by god. Second pillars is obligatory five times prayer (Salah). Third one is Islamic tax (Zakat), pay to poor from rich. Fourth one is fasting in month of Ramadan. The last pillar is pilgrimage to holy towns, Macca and Madeena at least on time in his life.

Islam talks about ethics in five ways. Imaniyyah and Ibadath, between god and slave. All our prayers come under that. Other three parts between mankind to mankind. What are the responsible from a person to other person? These are transaction (muamalath), family life (musharakath) and ethics (ahlaak). God gives us huge responsibilities on these three things.

Every single small thing clearly mention in Quran and Hadees. How to be a good leader to a society, how to be a wise husband for a wife, how to be an honest student for teachers and so on. Islam talks about good qualities, manners and all that what human being need for his life Whole world highlighting Muslims as terrorists. Medias also introducing the Muslims are the bad part in this world. They are saying Islam spread by swards. But that is not the truth. Islam spread by good qualities of messenger (peace be upon him) and his companions.

If we have to know about a religion just we cannot understand by the sayings of others. As a religion it has history, holy books, and methods. If we need a clear picture about a religion in our mind, we need to study that religion partially or deeply.

So as a Muslim we want to know about Islam, So we should try to read and understand holy book and prophetic words. These are from god all mighty and his messenger. As a human being no one is perfect in his life. Everyone has some mistakes and wrong conducts. Do not make dissension through human behaviours.

So many people who were criticizing Islam. When they stared to study Islam, they understood what the way Islam taught is? So try to study Islam and you can get a very good picture about Islam.

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