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Is war avoidable?

I would like to reflect on the above heading which is, is war avoidable? My answer is yes!!!!! The topic of the Great War was discussed on the 11th week of the trimester.  It was a very sensitive topic because it was related to the First World War. War does more harm than good. War could be avoidable through few formulas and they unity, no dictatorship, pure democracy. This question has inevitably come up in every politicians mind at one time or another. Unity is the coming together of people and freedom prevails. War is part of actual human culture because it has been existing since our fore fathers and war is the drive of violence in humans.

When looking at how to answer the  questions of why war, one has to start at the roots of the cause and then find the answers. Humans as a species have continually resorted to war as a means of conflict resolution. Looking at past trends and different cultures, warfare as a means of conflict resolution is a reoccurring pattern of human culture. By going back to ancient times, before the establishment of States or any formal colonies, evidence of armed conflict has been found. If war was believed to be a result of the structure of human society, than it could be the aim of society, in order to stop the cycle of war, to attempt to restructure the global economy by focusing on the roots of conflict between nations.

Could it be possible for humans as a race to strive towards a world without war, which would inevitably call for major sacrifices on both the personal and the national level? This issue has been explored in depth, with a wide array of factors playing subtle and major roles in the picture. Questions have been raised, “Is it realistic to work towards developing an economy which eliminates or minimize the source of conflict between societies? Since, it would essentially contradict the established goals and policies for growth. It is believed that as long as we continue to live in a global economy, war will be unavoidable, because a global economy is based upon industrialization and trade as a means to remain competitive. The theory of globalization has been thought to be unrealistic with its goal, which is to eventually live universally under one government with a balance of trade leading to wealth. The end result would be the elimination of major conflicts arising between States. Many feel that the goal of unification is actually the cause of more disruption in the global economy, along with a widening in the economic gaps between economies.

Other psychologists have argued that while human temperament allows wars to occur, this only happens when mentally unbalanced people are in control of a nation. This school of thought argues leaders that seek war such as Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin were mentally abnormal, but fails to explain the thousands of free and presumably sane men who wage wars on their behalf.

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