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Is Lying less harmful than killing? – by Mursal M. Jama

31th January 2013

My weekly reflection diary:

Lecturer: Mr John Britto

Topic:     Is lying less harmful than killing?

Venue:   AIU Main Campus, CFS, Room 2-04

It was my third tutorial ethics class with John Britto and my group mates. Firstly, the lecturer introduced us the course overview starting with the definition of ethics using an easy catching and understandable drawings.

This was followed by a group activity which was discussed about whether lying is less harmful than killing or not? The main theme was to approach the topic and come out a conclusion applying the concept of ethics. Looking back the lovely group discussion, Mr John divided us into two circular groups. The inner side group was sitting and discussing the topic while the outer group observing the inner group’s discussion. Students presented their ideas related the topic although there was a diversity of views among the students for the issue. A number of students suggested that lying is more harmful than killing while others recommended that killing is more harmful than lying.

In some cases lying can be less harmful, as we discussed in the class politicians lie in order to prevent possible war in unstable countries and protect the life of hundreds of people, according to moral behavior such events, lying can be a solution. In this discussion i realized that lying is universally wrong in all cultures but in some circumstances it is beneficial.

In my point of view, I think that the answer of the question depends on the situation by which the issue is judging to decide whether it is right or wrong. Some occasions lying can be dangerous and more destructive. For example if women tells lie to her husband it can cause difficulties to the family which can also lead a probable break down of the togetherness of the family.

I found this discussion interesting, I experienced that ethics is broader than how it seems, it is not just prohibiting to do things but it looks profoundly how to live with your society. Ethics is the expression of our deepest values, how we manifest what we believe in through our actions. Almost every action we take reveals something about our ethical preferences. To be ethically professional, whenever we are taking decisions we have to take into account people around us since they are our reflectors.

Let me to conclude an inspirational quote which says “Go beyond what you feel like doing and do what is right. Every time you do what is right when you do not feel like it, you are growing” Joyce Meyer.

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