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Is judging right?

In this week five of our introduction to ethics class, we did not have our lecture since it was a holiday. (Chinese New Year) We only had our tutorial class conducted by Mr. John Britto. It was one of the most interesting and enjoyable tutorial classes which I had in this trimester. We were asked to form a group of 5 people and then Mr. John told us one scenario but not continuously from beginning to end. He stopped the story in some parts and asked us what we would do if we were in that situation.

Different groups gave different answers and everyone listened and remembered what they would do. Then, the story continued and at a certain point, he stopped again and asked our decisions. And it went on until the story finished and asked the last decisions of ours.

Different groups gave different answers for that. Some of the groups changed the answers as the story moved on. There was only one group who were fixed to their answers from the beginning to the end of the story. From that session, I learnt we should not and cannot judge anything without knowing the full story of what happened.

Normally, people tend to judge things on what happened according to them, without having any knowledge about what actually happened or listening  to what had happened. We normally assume and jump to conclusions very quickly. I also used to jump to conclusions and judge people.  Most of the time, I made wrong judgments. As a consequence, I had faced many problems and I had to resolve those problems and apologize for what I did.

Nowadays, I am trying to avoid this bad habit and try to always remind myself for what I did wrong. Yet, I still cannot avoid it completely. But, in sha ALLAH, with the help of ALLAH (S.W.T), one day I will be able to avoid it for a life time.

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