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Is it ethical to marry the choice of your parents?

Panel Discussion Report

Topic- Is it ethical to marry the choice of your parents.

Moderator- Ahmed Nasir

Panalist        Role

Azrina Johara Bibi counselor

Carljenta father

Shagufa Shahista Mehboob  teenager

Tamba teenager

Our panel discussion started with the introduction of members and introduction of the topic. Our topic was based on ‘Is it ethical to marry the choice of your parents. Thus our discussion starts with our panelist’s carljenta.

According to Carljenta who represented as a father said that, parents plays the major role in choosing the groom and bride for their children. Since it’s a family tradition which is followed from the time of his great grandparents.

Shahista has shared her experience of love which is cyber love.The love on internet exists she gave examples of some of the couple who are currently in relationship and who are married now.

Tamba who was playing the role of a teenagers said that marrying of parents’ choice is not good since nowadays the world is getting more modernized and also it will be the choice of the couples to stay together not the parents. People are not following now the old traditional culture but instead they are following the modern way of life whereby they believe they can have a better standard of living in future.

Azrina who was playing the role of a counselor was supporting both the negative as well as positive sides of marrying the choice of your Parents? Since she believes that every thin g has two sides as the coin has to sides of it. Listening to the parents decisions does not mean that we always have to agree with them. We need to be ethical enough so that we can at least decide what is wrong and what is right?

Finally the panel discussion was a great success since there were so many opinions from the panelist and it was so interesting and awesome to hear different opinions and ideas from all and hope that before any person who will get into such scenario will think twice whether to follow up the parents decision or whether to agree and marry of their own choice.

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