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Is it ethical to have arranged marriages?

Panel Discussion

Is it ethical to do arrange marriage, this topic is quite debatable. Arranged marriage is where parents find a life partner to get married. But there are some parents who force their child to get married and they call it arrange marriage. For me this topic is ethical and also unethical. Listed below are few reasons.

First of all, parents know their children better, they also know what kind of person can suit his/her own child. As a parent they have full rights to choose their children’s life partner. Parents always wants best for their children and wants them to be always happy. Nowadays children don’t prefer arrange marriage and tries to deny the proposal which their parents choose for them. One thing children’s should know is ‘listening to parents does not mean that you have to totally agree with them’. Children should at least try to understand what they are saying, what they feel. And then reach to conclusions.

Secondly, children has also rights to marry their own choice. In today’s generation children are faster in this things than their parents. Youngsters tend to fall in love during high school days or in university days and wants to get married whom they love. During this period of time they come to know each other very closely, hence this is also appropriate to do love marriage. For example, in an international university like this two students from different country are couples for three years, they are compatible with each other and have decided to get married. On the other hand, the boy’s parents fix his marriage to another girl back in the country, where by the boy doesn’t even know her and told to get married with this girl. If suppose the boy does arrange marriage but loved this girl, well this marriage won’t be a successful one. So in my opinion it is not ethical to marry the choice of your parents.

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