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Is it ethical to cheat your fellow being?

Cheating is one of the unethical issues which we have around the world. Cheating is kind of dishonesty, or unfair act which lead you to take advantage from it by the wrong way. As we know nowadays in the world there are so many people using cheat in order to get more benefit for their own life. Therefore, most of the people claim that it is unethical to cheat for your fellow being. I strongly agree with this claim because of several reasons; it has negative impact in social life, in business, in politics on the other hand some people claim that it has some positive impact in education.

First and foremost, cheating in social life is one of the unethical behaviors at all. It is mostly happening nowadays all around the world. Most of the people will get their divorce because of cheating. Research shows that when they ask people who cheat the reason of their cheating, most of them answer that it is because of satisfaction. Because, when they have problem with their family, they will get angry and therefore they will satisfy their self by other people. Therefore husband and wife should think about each other’s satisfaction in order to live happily (Giarrusso, 2012). People should stop cheating to each other especial for relationship due to; they will live for entire their life. In order to live happy, they should not cheat each other. Before individual cheat should think about that if he/she cheats what will be the result. Because it is very hard to believe person but once you believe nobody can change it. However, if they cheat you, you cannot trust anymore anyone. Therefore, I think people should stop cheating each other in order to avoid divorce, and other problems.

Secondly, cheating becomes one of the big issues in the business part. Take an example, advertising, mixing product by other things to make it heavier and so on.  This is because, advertisement always shows and tell good thing about product. Most of the times they will lies to customers that product is high quality but in real it is not high quality product. Another example is that they will mix product by something no valuable.  Import and export become very hard for poor people to do while rich people will do it by corruption. For instance, in some countries like Uzbekistan there are exports and imports are very hard for poor people to do therefore most of the rich people do business to foreign countries and also it is very expensive when someone import but including transportation. Therefore most of the rich people have expensive cars as BMW or Mercedes and so on.  In addition to this, monopoly is another kind of unethical things in the world. My country Tajikistan is one of the countries which are business monopolies by one individual which nobody can do business except them. Therefore, there is no competition between businessmen so they will sell everything expensive and people do not have choice except buying it.  Therefore, all the people should stop doing unethical issue so that, world increases its humanity.

Thirdly, in politics there is high cheating than others. There are with so many ways politician will cheat people. Take an example corruption, in elections, army and health and so on. Corruption is one of the unethical dilemmas around the world which until now cannot be solved. People in the power they will cheat each other by giving other people more money to take others opportunity to use. Moreover, in election government will cheat more than other place. This is because they want to be in this position for long time. Therefore nowadays in so many countries there are civil war due to this issue and dictatorship. Take an example in Syria more than 60 thousands die in civil war and it is still continue this is all because of dictatorship (BBC, 2013). In army also there are cheating which is for going to army they will take only poor sons but rich sons will not go to army which is not fair and unethical at all.  Take an example in Tajikistan there are going such an unethical issue (ozodi, 2011). In health also they are unethical things as giving license for selling not fresh foods and giving more medicine in order to profit more.

Some people claim that although cheating is bad for politics, social and business it has advantages in education. They bring proof from 1994 from Peregrinus Jupiter which he claims that cheating can help student who has low knowledge to get mark and pass exams. In addition to this, they claim that we cannot judge students from exams because some of the students are good from other subjects while only not good from one subject. We cannot avoid him/her to stop studying because of one subject. For instance, most students are not good in math but for other subjects they are excellent so because of one subject we cannot stop people from learning. Also they bring example as Bill Gates and some others who become successful by failing from exams. Although some students are weak in few subjects like math only or Bill Gates become successful by failing exam, they should choose their specialization by their own knowledge, for instance if they are not good in math, they should not select ICT or business. They should select by their own interest. If we allowed students cheat, they will not get knowledge and in the future they might do something unethical. Because as we know nowadays most of the unethical issues occurred by person who does not have knowledge or lack of knowledge. In order to change history of unethical issues we should give people knowledge and explain them why they should not do unethical things.

To recapitulate, in my opinion cheating consider one of the most unethical behaviour at all which is currently spread around the world. I think it is kind of disease which people undergo to this and solution is very hard. There are so many negative consequences from cheating will get someone as in politics business education and some more. In order to overcome, this unethical dilemma, we should educate people to know disadvantages of cheating, to increase the wages of employers, government should reduce paten and if person catch while cheating there should be strict rule to punish them. I think if we do these things which I mentioned above, we can create an ethical and healthy world.


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