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I would suggest that team work is not as effective as individual lecturing

Time passed faster than I have ever anticipated, and I cannot believe that I am at the end of the course. Current Affairs course was very interesting and I really enjoyed learning it. As I mentioned in my first reflective diary, I never thought I would like it, and honestly I believed it is only for those people who did not watch news and events that are happening in the globe. But I understood it is much more than that and I have learnt I lot. Since this is my last reflection, I will try to summarize what I benefitted from it, how it changed my life and some suggestions on how it can be improved.

I believe I did not waste the time (36 hours), which I spent on this course and I really learnt a lot from it. The growing importance of Current Affairs poses the question on the utility of exerting energy on updating oneself with news. Undoubtedly, the importance of current affairs is different for different people e.g. a student and politician, however all social beings are bound to be affected by Current Affairs in more ways than one. Hence, it is advisable that people sit up and take note of this rapidly growing area of study.

According to me, firstly, it improved my debating skills as well as my writing skills.

Secondly, it developed my general knowledge about current issues and this will make me more competitive in my studies.

Thirdly, this course helped to find out current issues related my career and since the beginning of trimester I read more than 15 articles about computer science.

Lastly, it has apparently become important for today’s graduates to have basic knowledge about what is going on around the globe. This is due to the interdependence of the economy of the world, and changes in one company might have effect on another one.

Therefore, students with better understanding of current affairs are preferred in the workplace over those who have little or no knowledge. In conclusion, I believe these are some of the tangible advantages of the course for me; however there might be many other advantages.

The lecturers did fantastic in teaching the course and it is not a simple task to handle nearly 150 students. As my last reflection, I would like to say thank you for your support and on behalf of the students, we all know how tedious it is going through papers and preparing the contents to us. You have done more than enough, and I am contended that we did not waste your efforts but we all benefitted from it. However, I would suggest that team work is not as effective as individual lecturing. Though many students prefer it, it is difficult for the students to follow and we get lost when everyday new lecturers starts teaching from somewhere new. This is limited to my view, but I would recommend if students were asked to opt for the one they prefer through model.

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