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I was a victim of western ideology

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to write my first reflective dairy of current affairs and I am very euphoric to be part of this interesting class of seminar on current affairs. I am saying I am lucky because I did not choose this topic at first rather I wanted to register for history and philosophy of science class. I believed that I fully understand what is going on around the globe hence this course was not suitable to me. However, after enrolling this class, I understood I was completely wrong. Yes, I am familiar with the most of the Current Issues, but the question is how deep I understand those issues and their root causes. I realized that I understand the current events as drawn by western media and I was a victim of their ideology. But now, I am proud to learn how to analyze the current issues and examine them in different aspects. I got all those benefits within the first two weeks, and I hope I will learn more and find it interesting. That is the reason behind my choice of this course, so now let me share my reflection on the first two weeks of the course.

According to Oxford dictionary, current affairs are defined as the political, social and economic events which are happening in the world at the present time. Based on my understanding of the lectures, current affairs are the events that are happening in the world which have effects on many parts of the world such as globalization. People always misunderstand news and current affairs as two interchangeable words; nevertheless they have some slight differences. New covers all the current affairs and it might also cover past events while current affairs are concerned with the present happenings. In another words all current affairs are news but all news is not current affairs. Current affairs are also instantaneous and they are global in nature. Our lecturer Mr. John explained it further and taught us the window to use when examining an event. The window provides all the aspects that are necessary for analyzing a current affair and the main components of the window are: political, cultural, social and economic. These are the four important elements of the window along with environment and science and technology. To begin with, the political aspect is concerned with the power since it greatly shapes country’s development and economic growth. Countries with strong political powers will also play a major role in the market place thus promoting their income. This will enable the powerful countries to improve their living standard and control the world. A good illustration of this is the developed world. They set up their own rules to impose economic control on the less powerful countries. World Trade Organization (WTO), General Agreement on Trade and Tariff (GATT), International Monetary Fund(IMF), and World Bank(WB) are literally aimed to help the world community mainly poor, however, behind this scene they aim to manipulate on them and use the

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