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I give education as my first priority


During this lecture, we took quite long because the video had failed to play. This wasn’t good enough but we kept calm. I think every student perceived this challenge differently. The intended video of well-known study tool TedTalks was never downloaded to its fullest, thus it stopped in the middle!

I was never concerned about Ted talks before, and I never knew what it was all about, though I had seen this tool being used sometime back . Prof.Afendreas, one of our lecturers told us that it’s a tool for spreading new ideas about the world.

Suddenly the video played, and the topic was introduced, ”Challenges of the World.” From the short video, it came to my understanding that several billions of people are affected by many problems like global warming, and about 800billion are starving, approximately 1 million people lack hygiene/ clean drinking water, lack of sanitation which has also affected about 2 billion individuals, about 2m are dying from Aids, illiterates are so many, and about 175 international immigrants.

A list of ten challenges of the world was presented to us, and we were required to arrange them in an order showing which problems we would give the first priorities, and which ones would appear/come last in our lists. Below is the list given to us before it’s arrangement. Trade barriers Communicable diseases Climate change Conflicts Governance and corruption Population and migrants Education Malnutrition and hunger The above challenges and many others have solutions but basically it would be very difficult to solve all of them at the same time. So if the funds are limited, we have to make choice. In my opinion the first five first would be; education, governance & corruption, financial instability, malnutrition and hunger, sanitation and water, and then the rest would follow. I give education my first priority. And I don’t mean that it’s a mere fact of sitting in the lecture room/class room, but it includes both formal and informal. For example, one should be educated about Ethics. One should have ethical values. It’s almost through education alone that we can fight corruption, and if we manage to overcome this first two problems, almost all problems will be solved. There will be no diversion of funds provided to improve certain sectors.

I base on the following to decide which problems I give priority first; The complexity of the problem Costs of cutting down governance & corruption Need to know the economic analysis If we live together like brothers and sisters, if we forget all our differences and work towards a common goal, We shall be able to overcome all the world problems/challenges we face today. We shouldn’t wait for any other time , somebody else to do so, or the future generation. Let’s be the Change that we seek.

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