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Globalization by Jahirul Islam

At first I would like to talk about globalization. The definition of globalization is a union of the countries and the people of the globe. Globalization has generated so many facilities such it has decreased the cost of communication and transportation, and it also developed to corporate each other by sharing goods, services, knowledge, capital and people across boundaries.

When my honorable lecturer was asked the question how the globalization affected myself personally.  From my own viewpoint, I feel like to say that globalization has affected myself personally. When I was in my country, then I would go outside with my friends and I used to eat Biryani. My friends and me would eat Biryani which I very delicious foods. Besides, McDonald was not so familiar in my town. Afterward, when I migrated to Malaysia and whenever I go outside with my friends. Then usually I eat in MacDonald. One month ago I was in KL cricket Tournaments and most of time I used to go to McDonald. Undoubtedly, globalization has influence on me.

Moreover, through globalization, McDonald has become more popular in the globe. In addition, when people are busy to do work and they do not have enough time to cook food.  Then, they go for food in McDonald.  Through globalization, the owner of McDonald has able to introduce the name of McDonald Company in the globe. As a result, the owner of company has capable of earning money by establishing the McDonald Company in the nations. Furthermore, media itself is working as a third parties which has influence on us. It is advertising about McDonald far and wide in the globe. Consequently, People are able to know about McDonald, the numbers of populations are increasing day by day in McDonald.

Globalization has both positive and negative sides.  The negative side is that the developed countries are exploiting the third world countries in the world such as by taking labors for industry and giving employers’ cheap wages. The positive side is that one nation can get necessary things from other countries. For illustration, computers, fridges, cars and so on. So, people can fulfil their desires easily.  Globalization has also abetted people such as Albukhary International University is a multi-culture university where students come from different countries and they can share their culture one another. As a student of Albukhary University I also have been influence. I have learned Malay culture and language by living in Malaysia. I do believe that globalization has influence on me directly and indirectly way in my life.

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