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Globalization and junk food (McDonalds, KFC and pizza hut) by Ekhlas Musaed

In today tutorial we discussed about fast food restaurant which sounded somehow interesting to write base in your experiences with JUNK FOOD. McDonald was not a common term for me before I came in Malaysia. The time I arrived in Malaysia it was the first meal I had. It doesn’t mean I am undeveloped which may many of you think but I was enjoying my mum’s cooking and never thought about it.  The time I came here, I have been  many times to those restaurants, but I would like to mention the time it makes me wondering, during  this Chinese  new year, I went with my relatives to have our dinner in McDonald in Kuala Lumpur which is just near to their house. At that time there were crowds of people, locals and foreign my cousin stood almost fifteen minutes in the queue to have our order. I was surprised because there were lots of people. I think Malaysian love eating in theses restaurants especially during festival or weekends. Due to its reasonable price, faster, easy to find and availability and nowadays many women are in workplace there is no time for preparing and cooking at home.

May many of us would be puzzling, who are the parties involved? I think there are many parties involved from social to cultural to economical. Social like health, traditional food, and media and also economical like trading and exchanging goods.

Unfortunately, we as human are the victims. Traditions have been changed since the western food has a place. Globalization has played chaos with our food habits. Traditional food items have vanished and destroyed. After this, is our health one of the most important issues, because changing habits can destroy the health, and nowadays many of us don’t have very good health as our parents and ancestors had because many of junk food has bad ingredient like fats, salt and so forth. Even though they consist vegetables, sauces and meet   Basically, Globalization has significant impacts on our health.

There are many victimizers, the owner, the workers, and government because the only care about taxation and earning profits. Furthermore, it’s the media because of their several advertisements to attract and encourage people to eat there.

Globally fast food becomes very familiar because, cheap, taste, easy to find. Personally I AM IN LOVE WITH MC.DONLAS specially since I been in Malaysia and even I know of its harm but still I love eating it.

There are also other impacts of globalization because traditional shops nowadays are with no earnings due to the spread of junk food restaurants.

Lastly, I would like to say that globalization has negative effects on health. Changing our diet can lead us to many diseases. Also with globalization tradition food may disappear. Basically, globalization is changing us gradually and there is no doubt but we may not feel those changes. There resolution isn’t to ban those restaurants because it will affect the country’s economy but the resolution is to avoid eating there more often

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