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Globalisation Problems by Nur Natasha Binti Adbul Aziz

This week, again we are focusing to globalisation. We are starting class with discussing problems of globalisatio by Prof. Evangelos Afendra. After that, we have to find the biggest problems in universe? My answers are war, ethics problems, climate change and global issues. Then, some of my friends went to sharing their answers in slide. I can see many problems among them and I do not think that will be biggest problems. That’s why people always said different people different thinking ways. Prof tries to relate all that problems which had list by my friends to globalisation issues.

Besides that, we had watched Ted Talks movie. That movie showed us problems are become famous issues over the world such as starving, AIDS, international immigrant, lack of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation, global warming and illiterate adults. I think these kinds of problems should be avoid from be worst. My opinion, government should take action to save people and also care about people who have these kinds’ problems and other problems. If they do not think solution for these problems from early may be many people will suffer effects from globalisation issues.

Tutorials for week 6 were very fun. Mr John has do competition what was relate to globalisation problems. Which who can get more keyword about globalisation and global warming so, they are intelligent. I can see everyone excited to do that activities and include me. Something was challenging and also examines our minds about globalisation problems. Firstly, we are dividing by two groups and in that group we have to divide two again to find globalisation and global warming. My group’s topic is global warming. It was really enjoyable because we like fight to get more keywords. Finally, we got more than 20 keywords of global warming.

After that, we have to send representatives for every group’s topic for list down what we get. I think our representatives just go for write but totally difference where it is Mr John ask we write what opposite’s keywords. He also gives chance to representatives to accept or reject those keywords. They also get opportunity to ask them if they do not understand that keywords. I think after this activity I become more confidence to myself to give opinion and exchanging what I know. This activity also make me gain more my knowledge about global warming and globalisation.

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