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Globalisation by Nur natasha aziz (week 5)

This week I learnt about globalisation. When I know the topic is about globalisation, automatically I was thinking global warming. May be in my mind just know globalisation is about global warming.

In my opinion, globalisations have side negative effects and positive effects. For example negative effects, globalisation has allowed industrialisation to spread further across the globe. Basically, processes of production that could be done more cheaply in developing nations were moved there. However, sometimes, some processes outlawed in developed nations were moved to developing nations; in general these are either harmful to the environment or to workers or both.

Hence instead of disappearing, these harmful processes are living on thanks to globalisation, and continue to harm the environment and contribute to global warming. Another way is via logging. Trees are the lungs of the globe, and their ability to regulate carbon dioxide is well documented. Globalisation has made logging an increasingly profitable enterprise as trees are cut and semi processed in developing nations and shipped to developed nations who have already killed most of their trees.

It can be said that the increase in cutting down of trees was due to globalisation. Government should take firm action to avoid global warming becoming worst. They ask them do schedule like have time to take tree. It will be given time for tree growing again so, we can solve global warming problem.

In positive sides, we can see impacts of globalisation to our country are very important especially in economic. Example, foreign trades and culture spread are very famous among countries in business. They have to face foreigners and speak international language like as we know English language. Besides that, we have to learn their culture if want to deal with them. In addition, we can interchange our opinion or views and many things with them. So, we can improve each other from information exchanging we got from them. In Japan, how the American managers went to Japan to learn the best practices in the field of mass production and incorporated that knowledge in their own production units.

For me, globalisation can be good things to us in helping to improve ourselves. We just need to know how to control. Maybe, in coming years, we will efforts to protect our world from global warming and increasingly local activists are trying to learn how to harness new worldwide forces to cope with the impact of international trends.

In class tutorials, I learnt how to improve my reflective diaries. Mr John Britto gives situation in junk food restaurant. Then, all of us have to imagine in that situation and try do as reflective diaries. At the first writing, I was very scared. It looked like doing an examination paper. But Mr John helps and guides us to write reflective diaries properly and in correct way. He explained how we want to do it. I really appreciated. Now I have confident to write my reflective. I hope my way in writing reflective diaries is correct.

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