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GLOBAL WARMING by Mr.Hussein Ahmed

Hussein Ahmed

Hussein Ahmed


In the today’s world many issues have been discussed in different parts of the world the likes of murders, suicides, rapes, drug abuse, robberies, thefts, and sexual, neurological, psychological, juvenile and many other abnormalities and disorders, but there is one thing that affected us universally and we always discuss in each every day and night and now became daily headline of media and newspapers the so called global warming.

The issue is very critical and it should be taken very serious since many people over the world are rarely concerned about current climate change which is caused by irresponsible human being. Regarding to my opinion Prevention is always better than cure. Human contribution and efforts can certainly prevent and control this global warming. It can be best carried out by checking atmospheric pollution. Deforestation should be stopped. Wood should be used as little as possible, because wood maintains vast reservoirs of fixed but readily oxidizable carbon. Bricks houses should be encouraged as they retain less heat.

Thus they are well suited to Indian climate. Unnecessary combustion of fuel should be checked. In houses, combustion of fuels like wood, coal, kerosene should be controlled. Instead LPG stove should be used which results in greater efficiency in fuel, utilization and less atmospheric pollution. Encouraging bio-gas plants in village communities has Multifood effect. It decreases the use of firewood, is less atmospheric pollutant and is a by-production of manure. Development of more efficient vehicles would also result in less consumption of fuel and therefore less atmospheric pollution.


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