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Food Dilemma

In these two weeks the food problem was raised again by the students and the staff themselves, due to the big number of students who fell sick at the same time. The food problem started long time around two years ago, and still it could not be solved. In my own point of view I think that they are some reasons making this problem not to be solved easily.

First, not asking the student about the type of food they want in respect to the cost of each meal. Usually, student used to complain then the food might be changed to different types that the students cannot eat too. So, in order to solve this issue they are supposed to let the student write their suggestion for the three meals and then make the menu out of that. And that will make it easier for the students to decide what type of food they wish to get.

Another point is observation. It has been claimed that there was one person who used to observe whereby he would come once a week. And the problem is when the new caterer came he used to serve a very good food and after two weeks the quality of the food went down sharply. So, if there was a person who would observe, then why cannot he see that big negative changed in the food? It means that the observation was not a good observation or there could be something wrong going under the table.

The management should also be clear and direct with the students when taking decision related to the students. In this issue after the ministry of health has closed the canteen, the management did not inform the students what was going on. It has only been spread by the students themselves. The clarity makes everything easy and understandable.

In conclusion, my question would be is it ethical to take a responsibility and not be sincere in it. To resolve this problem we need the students’ contribution in making the menu, a very good observer and clarity from the management.

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