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First World War

This week we have been shown one video based on First World War Where we can realize the measurable situation of people during war at the same time to build it people needs a few decades and hard work. But In a few seconds all can be destroyed because of any kind of wrong decision but both countries are the destructed although any of them wins. So war only bring the unhappiness and destruction there is nothing good that can be brought by any conflict. And there are two world wars which are the examples or worst experiences for mankind. United nation is created to build peace after world war two. It has a lot of sub organisations and there are five countries which have the veto powers and by which they can modify any decision of UN. So, now a main question that; is united state succeeded to build peace? Some said yes but some said no. for me in some cases yes but actually is peace keeping UN failed to build peace. Because if we look around the world there are lots of war happening after creating UN and Israel and philistine issue can be a big question for UN as because Israel took lot of unethical actions in their geographical region for many decades but we did not see any tactful step from the side of UN to prevent this. Then if we think about the Iraq war, there is also no reliable decision to prevent this war at the same time the Syria issue where people are suffering everyday but UN is acting like audience in a movie theater.

At the end I will summarize of our whole course in 12 weeks duration. This course was really interesting and informative so it is a kind of meaningful journey as because we have learnt plenty of new and interesting topics. Arab spring, democracy, UN and different kind of conflicts around the world were the most remarkable topics that I have learnt. Although there are some challenges that I faced so far where indecision one of them as because when I informed one thing in a various perspective, I felt confused to take right decision.

Our lecturer played an important role to let us informed in a wonderful way as we see in our tutorial session, he tried to give us more opportunity to speak and to do or think in a different perspective way. Our role was also really important in this short journey because we are the target people for whom this journey made for, so my role also important as a student and learner. yes I am satisfied to be part of this journey and this can be an end it is beginning to start a new journey in acquiring current knowledge around the world.

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