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Fast Food restaurants, where to? by Asaad Maher

Once, I went to MC Donald’s with some friends of mine from the university, just like other people, to have a meal. This branch of MC Donald’s was in City Plaza mall. Of course, there was a noise and the voice of the music was raised loudly and the people were enjoying eating and telling stories to each other. Suddenly, I saw an old friend of mine I used to study with in secondary school I couldn’t hide my surprise and immediately went and hugged him, and we had the meal together. We enjoyed talking about the previous days and then we had a tour in Alor Setar. It was indeed a nice day; I waved him off because he was going to Kuala Lumpur and came back to the university. I don’t actually know why my started to think about MC Donald again. I started remembering the cashier  the way they serve and how global it is.

Though, I’m aware of the harm that junk food brings however I couldn’t stop myself from eating it. Unfortunately, those who care about human health are very less in business world nowadays. The question that might be raised that, “if it is so, then why do you still eating from it?” well, everything has reason and the reason that I’m still eating from it is that, because of the quite huge number of people who have become fans and advertisers for MC Donald’s. Frankly speaking, they could convince me of eating it.

Moreover, I personally think that the secret recipe is the only an invisible factor that attracts the costumer to the restaurant. Another thing which gives MC Donald’s reliability and credibility is that, it’s global. Meaning that, it has branches in almost all over the world. So, when people look at its achievements they feel that it deserves to be given a try. Also, the present reason for that, it’s because it’s made easily and it doesn’t take more time to eat it or prepare it and the other reason is that, the absence of traditional restaurants and its old style in cooking and preparing the food. Further, I’m afraid if it continuous like this, people will give up eating their traditional food. All people have their own rationalisation, either customers or owners or governments.

The customers are saying that it’s made easy, and delicious, and doesn’t need much time to prepare. And when it comes to government sight, it says we allowed such restaurant to open for that people can get globalised and diverse easily and enable the people to get to know about other countries’ food. While from the owner of MC Donald’s justifies that, this is how we show our convoy to the modernity and globalisation. In fact, this issue, having fast food restaurants like MC Donald’s will have severe consequences like giving up eating healthy or traditional food, and we need to think seriously for a solution .

As resolution, in my own point of view, we should bear in mind that stop giving license to open such restaurants, is not a wise decision because it incites the public to get angry against this decision. So, the solution will be by spreading the awareness among people about the importance of eating health food, thereby the number of people who go to fast food restaurants will decrease slowly.

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