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European civil war was even useful for the world?

This week, our lecture was held by our DVC Professor Omar. He started lecture by greeting us and talking about 1st world war. He played us 50 minutes long video about the 1st world war, I guess it was a documentary video.

A video was quite interesting, because it had facts, real-time recorded video scenes and even a comedy. If we talk about facts, the video was telling us about the start of world war, the reason of it. As we know both 1st and 2nd world wars were started by Germany. First World War also was started by Germany. Actually, it was called European civil war, because Germany opened this war by attacking France. Video could clearly show us how Germany attacked French and how millions of deaths were came up. The war included Turkey, Russia, USA, Africa and even some Asian countries as far as I know.

If we talk about real-time recorded scenes, the quality of a video was old-stylish, which an evidence of argument is. I mean, I believe that there are some certain videos we watched, which were recorded during the real war. The explosion of bombs, attack of soldiers and shot of giant bombs and rockets were real-like scenes. Especially, when soldiers are making massive attack, digging the ground to hide, protect and plan attacking strategies made students to pay full attention

. Personally, I didn’t look away from the video, because it even had comedy. The comedy showed the time of soldiers after war and the process of country’s development. Video showed us, that the European civil war was even useful for the world. Here, it is said that it brought many inventions. During war, there were many kinds of inventions on firearms, tanks, cars and other army instruments. Being honest, I can say that during war everybody would think of their family and lives. Surely, nature gave us a brain that protects us during a danger. Thus, soldiers and other inventors’ brain could work even better than before, because it is about the lives of millions! After that war, world has become ready for the Second World War. Countries empowered their army status, security and strategy of both protection and attack.

My personal opinion says that that kind of video wouldn’t be harmful if it was screened often. It is educational and it is about history, I mean there won’t be a future without history. I really enjoyed a video as I love history.

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