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Endless issues

It is already half of the trimester. Until this time we discussed many issues happening worldwide and tried to find solutions at least. It is undeniable that the issues are endless, what we can do is to shrink the effects of them. We find one solution for one problem but another one comes out. Unfortunately, we do not have capabilities to solve all the problems recently. It requires a great deal of time to be resolved. So, which one is more important and should be solved first? Which problem`s consequences are worse than others? It is difficult to answer properly indeed.

In the video we watched it is was the question for audiences to identify which issue should be solved first. The recent and urgent 10 problems were given: Climate change, communicable diseases, conflicts, education, financial instability, governance and corruption, malnutrition and hunger, migration, sanitation and water, subsidies and trade barriers. In addition, the issues were stated in numbers, 2 million people die each year from HIV, around 900 million people are living in hunger, about 150 million people migrate from one country to another one and many other statistics. The challenge is that if 50 billion euro is given to solve problems, which one is the most important and should be embarked upon first? I think the issue of people who are in hunger is the most urgent problem and the money should be spent to enhance their lives first. It is fact that there are around 900 million people living in starvation. And food is the most important thing in human beings life. It is freaky to put other needs first for example sanitation or illnesses or conflicts. We should think how to save their lives first; otherwise they will die from hunger. After we overcome the hunger among people then we can think of the others, illiteracy, sanitation and etc. it is obvious that people cannot live without food more but they can survive without proper sanitation as well. As a solution, I think the money should be invested in plantations, and then they will afford to feed themselves for a quite long time. For example, the fruits, vegetables should be planted, farming should be encouraged where people will benefit both from milk and meat.

Except that the widespread diseases like HIV is still becoming urgent and current issue in the world. The number of people who got the virus is increasing the year by year. It is becoming common everywhere. We do not know how it will be in the long term, probably worse on condition that no precautions are taken. Therefore, world has to pay attention more and embark on overcoming this issue with great affords.

The tutorial was quite different from the lecture. It was like a new year gift when Mr. John Britto said you will go out from this room happily. The activity we did was really interesting and helped a lot to remember what we know about Globalization and Global Warming. Having competition among students motivated us to become the winner of the activity. Discussion among group mates, struggling with competitors was intense. Mr. John Britto applied very useful technique to make the class interesting and inspire the students towards the issues. We will expect more activities and competitions.

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