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Different kinds of conflicts

Basically every one of us has different view about everything in this world. Like this, conflict also has different understanding from different point of view. From my point of view I think that conflict can happen among a family, friends and people around us which leads us to anger. Conflict is cause because of different understand of individual, to get power, to dominant other people for the resources, for freedom and for their own rights. I have learned in my lecture that Conflict is derived from a Latin word “confligree” which means strike together. It refers to overt and coercive behavior initiated by one contending party against another. I have learned that conflict can take place everywhere, it can be among an individual, group, while doing business, and among nation also. These kinds of different conflict lead to different kinds of resolution. To talk about different kinds of conflicts that our world is facing now are as follows:

Intra –state conflict: It is the conflict between the arm force of the government and the opposing civil organized group. Intra-state conflict is the conflict within the state of the country. E.g. in Syria also the arm force is fighting against the opposing party. Where thousands of innocent people’s life are sacrificed.

Inter-state conflict: Like India and Pakistan. They are having inter-state conflict where India government is fighting with Pakistan government. It’s a conflict between two governments.

Non-state conflict: Non-state conflict is violence between the two organized groups which are not government. Political conflict: Political conflict is the incompatibility over political system. It is the desire for secession or autonomy. This conflict is happen in India where Kashmir another state of India is asking for their freedom. Kashmir belongs to India but it’s in the border of India and Pakistan. Kashmir doesn’t want to be under India they want to be an independent nation. Political conflict also refers to fighting for power, resources social identity, ideas and the value.

Social-cultural conflict: Social-cultural conflict refers to incompatibility over ethic religious or ideology conception. E.g. In Nigeria Economic conflict: Economic conflict it is the conflict incompatibility over resources distribution. E.g. Like in Defoe. Territorial conflict: It is the conflict over boundaries, regional predominance or autonomy. Like my country Bhutan and china. My country’s some part near the border has been taken by china as china and my country boundary are so close. But fortunately there was no fighting between us as we have signed a treaty with them. Also India and Pakistan they have been fighting for Kashmir and other state of India. Kashmir is the border of India and Pakistan but Pakistan wants Kashmir as their part.

Ethnic conflict: It is when incompatibility is defined along the ethic distinction. This conflict share same origin, culture, language, territory, religion. E.g.: In Kurd’s in Turkey and northern Iraq, Togo and Liberia, Tibet and China. Religion conflict: Religion conflict is when incompatibility is defined along the religious distinction. Many of the multicultural country are facing the religion conflict. Like in Myanmar the conflict between Buddhism and Muslim. We don’t know who’s false is it and we don’t know whom to blame as both Buddhism and Muslim are says they are right. We cannot judge the situation as we are not there to witness the situation. We cannot say anything in religion conflict as different religions have different kinds of view and beliefs.

Conflict over there is affecting all over the world. Like if Buddhist over there treats Muslim not good than the other side of the Muslim staying out of Myanmar start to fight back for their other Muslim friends over there. So I think that Religion is a very sensitive issue, so when we talk about it we need to be very careful. We need to think twice and take into consideration that it won’t hurt other people. Some people talk nonsense saying that my religion is the best one but from my point of view every religion is best in their own way.

Ethno-political conflict: It is the incompatibility between the ethnics group and their political organization. E.g.: In Sir Lanka where the major thesis is that politicization of ethnic distinctions by major political parties has fulled an ethnic violence. Each party’s violence against the other increases the sense of distrust between them. Political elites then use ethnic emotions in their quest for power, reinforcing ethnic tensions. It was finally solved by suggesting solutions to the protracted ethno-political — partition or power-sharing.

From that day lecture I have learned what are different kinds of conflict that are faced by different people and country. But there is something common in many of those conflicts that are many innocent peoples life which are lost during the conflict. Where some of them lose their mother, father, sister, brother, children and so on. Which lead some of them to be orphanage and some they become terrorist to take revenge? Our world will be happier and peaceful if there is no conflict among us. So we should not create any conflict and make more terrorist to fight for revenge.

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