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Democracy or Demo’CRAZY’ – My religious point of view

Democracy is a principle not fully understood by most people including myself. Thus when people voice their opposition to democracy, others think that they are ready to overthrow the government. Maybe if they understand that rejecting democracy lines is right according to Christian principles. In the ultimate sense, democracy is the cause of all world problems. Yes, democracy which is being called the remedy of such problems is the real culprit here.

The question that most ask themselves is, “What makes democracy wrong?” The main thing that makes democracy wrong is that it doesn’t seek out what is best for the citizens, but simply does what the majority citizens want. If the majority wants cigarettes given to babies, cigarettes are given to babies, irregardless to the harm they cause.

As a Christian, another form of democracy was practiced in the crucifixion of Christ. Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, petitioned the will of the people and they lobbied to have Jesus Christ crucified. The citizens asked to have Barabbas, a murderer, released and for Christ to be put to death. This is one of the many reasons why democracy should be called demo-crazy instead. How can an innocent man be put to death at the expense of a murderer? CRAZY!

If the majority doesn’t want morality in schools, morality is taken out of schools. This is not good. A lot of people know it’s not. Democracy doesn’t request for the ordinance of God, who of course knows best for mankind. Democracy acts from the selfish whims of depraved man and since man is depraved, only junk comes from democracy.

Some might argue with me and ask, “Why shouldn’t we speak nor do anything we please?” I think we shouldn’t speak or do anything we please because in a way democracy seeks to make everyone like God. Just as the devil wanted to be like God when he was cast out of heaven, democracy seeks to make us act like God. For example, God is not under any law, and thus He can say and do as He pleases. But humans are under the law of God and thus they cannot do anything they want or speak anything they wish to speak.

If humans do anything they wish or say anything they please, they wrongly harm each other, harm themselves and create discord. God has placed humans under His law and thus we are all responsible to obey God. God has told us not to blaspheme, according to democracy however; we can blaspheme, because democracy says we have freedom of speech. But if we blaspheme, we go to hell. God must rule us, hate it or love it!

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